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7 Awesome Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

By AK, 3 July


Do you drink alcohol often? Are you looking to quit but lack enough inspiration?

Quitting alcohol can be difficult for many because it provides temporary relief and it's a way to let loose with friends.

The problem with alcohol is that it doesn't provide any health benefits. It actually destroys the human body in many ways.

Here are some health benefits of quitting drinking alcohol.

1Why Do People Drink?

People start drinking for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, many people can't stop drinking once they start. This can lead to many health problems and affect their relationships with others.

Drinking to Escape Problems

Drinking to forget about real life problems is something that many alcoholics do because they believe they don't have any other options. Many of them refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem and refuse to seek help.

This can lead alcoholics into a hole of endless health issues. This can also lead to pushing away friends and family because of their denial. It's important to understand what they're going through and try your best to stick with them.

Drinking to Have a Good Time

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people that drink simply to have fun. However, many people don't understand the consequences of going overboard with alcohol.

Without supervision, people can drink until they black out and this is extremely dangerous. Blacking out means that a person is consuming far too much alcohol, which can ultimately damage their brain and put them into dangerous situations.

Why Do People Drink?

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2Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

Quitting alcohol provides a plethora of benefits to people that actively drink:

Improved Mental Health

Having good mental health is very important because, without it, we can do things that aren't the best for us. Alcohol is a big contributor to poor mental health because it doesn't allow people to think clearly.

Alcohol impairs the senses and judgment skills. This is why drunks are considered "honest people." Alcohol doesn't allow people to think before they act, they simply act.

It also causes a chemical imbalance within the brain, altering mood and increasing the chance of having depression. Quitting alcohol lets people get back on the right path to being happy and thinking positively.

Healthier Organs

Alcohol is very dangerous to the organs, especially the heart and liver. Many alcoholics suffer from heart and liver problems because of the excessive alcohol that they consume.

The heart can suffer from irregular blood flow due to alcohol, causing shortness of breath and irregular heartbeats. Alcohol consumption can also lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The liver is responsible for clearing the toxins from your body. The problem is that alcohol is nothing but a toxin. Alcohol causes the liver to shut down from the heavy load, and liver diseases are a common result.

Weight Loss

Alcoholics often overlook alcohol as a key contributor to their weight gain. Alcohol actually has a ton of calories with the average beer having 148 calories. This is the same amount of calories in a can of soda.

The average six-pack has about 888 calories. For many alcoholics, this is a regular day of drinking. There is a reason it's called a "beer belly." Quitting alcohol avoids all the liquid calories, making weight loss inevitable.

Better Relationships

People think that alcohol is great for social events and parties. However, a lot of alcoholics end up pushing people away because of their alcoholism.

When people try to help, many alcoholics will get angry or upset because they don't think there's a problem. When you quit drinking, you don't have to worry about anyone trying to help you. You won't have a problem that will encourage people to try to help.

Many people also don't enjoy being around drunks. Without alcohol, you can link up with friends and actually connect with one another. You also won't make a fool out of yourself.

Lesser Risk of Cancer

Cancer is something that a lot of people already fear, but the chances are dramatically increased when consuming alcohol. There are various types of cancer that alcohol can cause:

  • mouth cancer
  • pharyngeal cancer
  • oesophageal cancer
  • laryngeal cancer
  • breast cancer
  • bowel cancer
  • liver cancer

Most of these cancers have to do with the locations in which the alcohol passes through the body. There are 4 cancers that specifically involve the mouth and throat. There is a theory that bacteria from alcohol can cause cancer.

One of the best effects of quitting alcohol is significantly lowering the risk of getting any of these cancers.

Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

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3What Can I Do to Stop?


If you're a suffering alcoholic that would like to quit drinking, there are two important steps that you can take to better yourself:

Acknowledge That You Have a Problem

Acknowledging that you have a problem with alcohol is the first thing you must do to quit drinking. When you acknowledge the problem, you can take the appropriate steps to progress.

Accepting the fact that you have a problem also allows you to accept help from others. Rather than pushing people away, you will be disposed to receive their suggestions and accept assistance.

Go to Rehab

After accepting the fact that you have a problem, your next step should be seeking help. This can be in the form of talking to family and friends or going directly to drug treatment programs.

No matter which one comes first, rehabilitation is necessary for you to truly conquer your addiction. Drug treatment programs provide several benefits to alcoholics such as:

  • Counseling
  • Advice
  • Healthy food
  • Comfortable Rooms
  • Exercise

All these are used to make patients as comfortable as possible while providing them the support that they need to overcome alcoholism.

What Can I Do to Stop?

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4If You Suffer From Alcoholism, Seek Help Today

With all the benefits of quitting drinking alcohol, you now know why it's important to stop drinking.

If you would like to quit alcohol but are having troubles, seek some assistance. If you know someone that struggles with alcohol, reassure them that you're there for them and encourage them to seek help.

Suffer From Alcoholism

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