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Latest News and Details Of the Incredible Bio-Artificial Kidney That Can Treat Renal Failure And End Dialysis Completely

By Andrew Alpin, 3 February 2018


4What is the device all about?

The bioartificial kidney is a two part device. Using the advancements in silicon nanotechnology, membrane filtration and cell science, the device is powered by a patient’s blood pressure and does not even need external tubes, tethers and immunosuppressant drugs.

The bioartificial kidney is a miniature version of the larger extracorporeal Renal Assist Device (RAD) that consists of a membrane hemofilter and bioreactor consisting of tubule cells that can mimic most of the metabolic, endocrine and immunological functions of a real human kidney. In short, it is a mechanical kidney.

The kidney project has applied microelectromehcnical systems and nanotechnology to recreate the large and expensive RAD into a miniature bioartificial kidney that self monitors and regulates itself. It requires just one surgery to establish a permanent blood connection with the patient. Once it does so, the device will process blood continuously 24 hours a day eliminating the need for dialysis.

What is the device all about

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5The technology that it uses

In order to mimic a real kidney, the device contains ultrafiltration membranes that work efficiently to regulate blood flow. It will also stabilize necessary cells working in an engineered environment. The key technologies at work in the bioartificial kidney are

  • High-efficiency ultrafiltration membranes
  • Maintaining blood interactions like thrombosis and fouling
  • Stabilized differentiated function of renal cells in an engineered environment
  • Silicon nanotechnology for robust compact membranes
  • Improved molecular coatings for efficient blood compatibility
  • Techniques to coat silicon membranes without blocking pores
  • Cell sourcing and storage
  • Stable differentiated function of renal cells in an engineered construct

The technology that it uses

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6The components hemofilter and bioreactor


All of the above technology is firmly in place. The hemofilter uses the body’s blood pressure to enable the filtration process without any pump or power supply. That’s the incredible feature of the device. The hemofilter is capable of generating volumes of ultrafiltration at a pressure similar to capillary perfusion pressure or the normal pressure at which blood circulates to organs in our bodies. The device will also remain free of fouling and keep protein losses at a minimum in continuous implantable therapy.

The bioreactor features the latest technology in tissue engineering to grow renal tubule cells. It will be made capable of reabsorption of high volumes of salt and water from the ultrfiltrate while remaining a firm barrier to reabsorption of toxins.  It will also facilitate autoregulation of blood and produce vitamin D in the body.

The components hemofilter and bioreactor

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