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10 Signs of Anxiety Disorder Disguised Behind Harmless Details


If you ask how life is for an anxiety-ridden person, the answer would be something bleak. If that person has a disorder, then it definitely means they are living a tough life. However, they can always seek medical and psychological help. But the real issue arises when you do not realize that anxiety disorder is afflicting you. The red flags of anxiety are constantly being ignored for something else which is when the problem grows and is unchecked. It can then lead to a real problem later on.

Here are 15 signs that indicate an anxiety disorder. BY these signs you can understand the red flags that reveal you may have anxiety issues.

1 You have trouble sleeping

It’s very natural these days to have sleepless nights because of the stress at work. It not only deprives us of sleep but also affects our emotional well being. It also leads to irritability. Insomnia leads to a poor quality of sleep where you may be disturbed quite often at night making it hard to fall back to sleep again. This makes you feel groggy and lethargic the next morning. It also decreases focus and makes you less attentive to work. If you are chronically sleep deprived go to the doctor immediately. 

trouble sleeping

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2You have the urge to control

If you have the urge of controlling everything and everyone around you, you might be suffering from anxiety issues. Micromanaging life or work is the tell-tale sign of a person with insecurities and anxieties. They do not want to be left out or left behind. It’s high time you learn to let go of things which do not concern you and yes you do not need to fight everyone’s battles. 

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3You experience Anxiety without good reason

Another demon which triggers anxiety in most people is attempting to be perfect. Perfection starting from school and college life it has been ingrained upon us by our parents and peers that we need to excel in everything we do otherwise we are a failure. This notion sticks to our brain when we reach adulthood and starts reflecting in each and everything that we do. Sometimes the desire to be perfect can become our own worst enemy. 

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4Nobody is perfect

This type of anxiety is the most difficult to deal with because when people cannot come to terms with themselves or control themselves they get mentally exhausted. The real problem, arises when we want to control or do things which are beyond our reach which leads to anxiety and panic. Anxiety can really exhaust us emotionally as well as physically. So a word of caution here, do not try to micromanage every aspect of your life and leave room for the unexpected always. Nobody is perfect so stop trying to reach the top of the ladder first. 

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5Unexplained pains

Anxiety if not treated early, can start manifesting itself in physical forms which is not at all a good sign. If you feel constant headaches, chest pains, nagging back or shoulder pains it is not to be ignored as it can be of extreme stress. Pain sometimes lasts for months can have alarming effects. Run to a doctor immediately if you experience such pain for an extended time frame. 

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Here are some possible physical signs of anxiety

• Muscle tension.

• Problems sleeping.

• Dry mouth.

• Shortness of breath.

• Heart palpitations.

• Dizziness. 

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6You have Obsessive habits

All anxiety patients who still do not realize they are afflicted by it can monitor their own actions to recognize red flags such as constantly biting nails, twisting the end of their hair strands, pulling the ends of the clothes, constantly biting lips etc . Such obsessive compulsive disorder type behavior is a clear sign of anxiety. Usually anxious people are unaware of their manias and should pay attention to them. Such activities increase when a person is under stressful conditions. 

Obsessive habits

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7People around you don’t understand you

In a larger social circle, you may experience a growing feeling of alienation. You feel that more and more people are distancing themselves from you as they do not understand you at all. They always complain about you being too fussy or pushy over small things which annoys people and hurts you. In return you start bottling up your feelings which would eventually lead to an explosion and nasty confrontation.

Social circle

Make a note of what irritates you

It’s better that you make a mental note of things which annoys you a great deal but might be of little importance to others and try to manage those irritants yourself if you can. Do not expect too much from others. Instead of needing to be accepted by the larger group, it would be wiser to have a small circle of good friends. Learn to share such feelings and thoughts with a close friend or therapist. 

Make a note of what irritates you

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8You constantly keep blaming yourself

The most obvious signs of anxiety disorder is the habit of constant self-criticism which is unwarranted. A person afflicted with low self esteem may have huge confidence issue. They often succumb to this malady which keeps on festering inside their minds. People start lead to an emotional self destruction. 

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Stop blaming yourself

Well, stop blaming yourself for once. You are as important as the person next to yu. Believe in yourself and do not live upto the expectations of others. Instead start reading, listening to soothing music and be more positive every day. Follow any positive plans you may have chalked out in your diary and stick to it and follow them. 

Stop blaming yourself

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9You blow issues out of proportion

If you look at it from a very logical perspective, when anxiety isn’t a physiological problem, then it is triggered by a thought. Some people tend to build up on the thought process especially when the outcome of any situation does not go their way or if they are being faced with a situation they feel they can’t handle. Before it happens, you already assume a negative outcome and think the worst.

Moreover, every possible situation is blown out of proportion like why someone hasn’t texted you or you may feel people are angry with you just because you feel so or that you may have said the wrong thing to soon and just can’t get it out of your mind. 

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10You can’t make decisions

Indecisiveness is a common hidden sign of anxiety disorder. This isn’t limited to your daily tasks. It causes a type of nervousness that whatever decision you make could turn out possibly wrong. Simple decisions like picking an outfit could be a long drawn process. This is one of the signs of anxiety disorder that is written off as fussiness.

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