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10 Signs of Anxiety Disorder Disguised Behind Harmless Details



If you ask how life is for an anxiety-ridden person, the answer would be something bleak. If that person has a disorder, then it definitely means they are living a tough life. However, they can always seek medical and psychological help. But the real issue arises when you do not realize that anxiety disorder is afflicting you. The red flags of anxiety are constantly being ignored for something else which is when the problem grows and is unchecked. It can then lead to a real problem later on.

Here are 15 signs that indicate an anxiety disorder. BY these signs you can understand the red flags that reveal you may have anxiety issues.

1 You have trouble sleeping

It’s very natural these days to have sleepless nights because of the stress at work. It not only deprives us of sleep but also affects our emotional well being. It also leads to irritability. Insomnia leads to a poor quality of sleep where you may be disturbed quite often at night making it hard to fall back to sleep again. This makes you feel groggy and lethargic the next morning. It also decreases focus and makes you less attentive to work. If you are chronically sleep deprived go to the doctor immediately. 

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2You have the urge to control

If you have the urge of controlling everything and everyone around you, you might be suffering from anxiety issues. Micromanaging life or work is the tell-tale sign of a person with insecurities and anxieties. They do not want to be left out or left behind. It’s high time you learn to let go of things which do not concern you and yes you do not need to fight everyone’s battles. 

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3You experience Anxiety without good reason


Another demon which triggers anxiety in most people is attempting to be perfect. Perfection starting from school and college life it has been ingrained upon us by our parents and peers that we need to excel in everything we do otherwise we are a failure. This notion sticks to our brain when we reach adulthood and starts reflecting in each and everything that we do. Sometimes the desire to be perfect can become our own worst enemy. 

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