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15 Adult Film Stars That Look Almost Identical To Famous Celebrities

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 7 May 2018


We’ve seen plenty of dirty and hot scenes between famous celebrities, but that’s just part of the movie industry. You may think that some of these celebrities were actually a part of an adult movie, but that’s not the case. You’ve probably seen an extremely similar look-alike.

But people have a dirty imagination, and there’s something that makes us want to see famous celebrities doing adult movies. If you’re familiar with the deep-fakes scandal you know what we’re talking about.

The software that is capable of scanning celebrities faces from interviews and turning them into adult movies was a big hit on Reddit.

It is removed now, but there’s still embarrassing and AI made videos from celebrities out there. But that’s not what we’re going to focus on.

We’ll be reviewing a list of adult film stars that look almost identical to famous celebrities.


You definitely know who Rihanna is, but have you ever heard about her adult movie double? Maybe you did, we’re not going to judge. But in case you didn’t, her name is Lavish Styles and they really do look like twin sisters, don’t they?


Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

2Miley Cyrus

What happened to Miley? She was such a sweet little girl with her own TV show. But since she moved to music, she turned into a diva or a bad girl, or something. Which means you wouldn’t be surprised if she had a real adult movie, but she doesn’t. There’s only a perfect copy of her doing adult movies known as; Capri Anderson.

Miley Cyrus

Image Source: epicalm.com

3Alicia Keys


There’s no way you’ll ever see a lady like Alicia Keys mentioned in the same sentence with adult movies. She’s a brilliant singer and a true lady. But unfortunately for her, there’s a girl that’s doing adult movies and looks just like her. Her name is Anetta Keys, and not they’re not sisters or related.

Alicia Keys

Image Source: www.buzzland.it

4Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk can easily change roles with her adult movie double, and no one would ever notice. They’re both successful in what they do, but Danni Cole is without a doubt a star of the adult film industry.

Kristen Kreuk

Image Source: www.elespectador.com

5Taylor Swift

If you look at Jana Jordan, the first thing that comes to your mind is that Taylor Swift went crazy after the Kanye West scandal and decided to change her career. But that’s not the case. The 28-year-old hit maker (we’re talking about Taylor Swift) is doing just fine. Her adult movie double is doing just fine as well, but not in the music business.

Taylor Swift

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com


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