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7 Things that happen to your body by walking 30 minutes every day

By Andrew Alpin, 20 Jun 2017


Walking is an easy and enjoyable exercise. Although good for all ages, it is especially beneficial for older people and those at risk of cardiovascular problems. Moreover, walking isn’t just invigorating as a physical activity; it is a great mental rejuvenator when walking amongst greenery such as a park, nature trails or even your own garden and backyard. This is what just 30 minutes of walking can do to your body.

1 It will make exercise seem easy

As a couch potato not keen on exercising, even the simplest of exercises may seem daunting. Moreover, it involves a gym card and equipment like DVD and of course nutrition to supplement gym activity. But walking! You just need a good pair of sneakers and your two feet. It’s also enjoyable when you go on morning walks and find others like yourself. It then becomes a nice social activity where you meet like-minded people too. If you do this, it is an initial step on your journey to good health.

It will make exercise seem easy

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2 It will help you de-stress


As mentioned earlier walking in a relaxed atmosphere and among nature and greenery is a great way to de-stress yourself. The Japanese call this “forest bathing”. Walking needn’t be proved by any research it is a known healthy activity and meditation on the move.

Walking alone in the woods

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