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5 Ways to Get Workouts from Housework and Stay Fit At Home

By Andrew Alpin, 26 Jun 2017


A full time housewife is as demanding a job as regular office work. There is much more to housework than meets the eye and surprisingly, it can also help you keep fit. The one mistake we make is the novelty attached to gym workouts when corresponding physical activity is being performed at home without you knowing it. If as a housewife, you’re worried about not getting enough time to hit the gym, then worry not because here are 5 ways you can get workouts from housework. By performing your household tasks according to the guidelines below, you remain in good health and get a great workout every day.

1 Wax from a Tin. Not a Spray

Waxing your floors or car from a spray is easy as it requires little effort. But why do that? Remember the older version of the “karate Kid” WAX ON WAX OFF?? Waxing from a tin requires more effort and pressure. Continuous strokes and sweeps of your hand will give you a great cardio workout. The resistance pressure involved will also give your muscles a workout.

moping the floor

Image Source: www.fitlife.tv

2 Alternate between Household Tasks


If your home has two storeys, then perform various household tasks at intervals. After dusting and cleaning in the ground floor, run upstairs and complete work pending in the second storey. In this manner you enjoy an extended cardio by alternating activities akin to workouts. In fact by performing such tasks with increased pace and intensity, you give your body a regular HIIT workout. (High intensity interval training). Ensure that you take short breaks and rest in between tasks.

Working in the kitchen

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