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4 Mistakes Made By Us While Taking a Shower Everyday

By Jatin Sharma, 14 May 2017


Showering regularly is a process that started in late 1800s in Europe. Before that, people used to shower just 1-2 times a week. However, as we have advanced in technology, the process of showering has changed altogether. But have we stopped and talked whether we are showering in the correct manner. Here are the 4 biggest mistakes we are making each time we take a shower.

1 Temperature problems

Everybody loves to take hot showers. They relax the body, wash away the dirt and open the pores like no other thing. However, overly hot water tends to make the skin dry and extremely flaky. Though hot water increases blood flow in the body, with it also increases the risks of conditions like erythema, inflammations and even rashes developing on the body. It also washes away the body fat in more number and leaves the skin defenseless.

Temperature problems

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2 Timing problems


A long hot shower is something that soothes a tired body and rejuvenates the pores of the body. Everyone yearns for that evening shower after a long day at work. However, that’s where we go wrong. We tend to soak in the hot water for a long time and during that soak/shower, the hot water damages our skin a lot. The optimal duration for a shower is just 10 mins or less.

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Timing problems

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3 Too many products

There are many products that we use every day on our body like shampoo, soaps, shower gels and exfoliating stuff. However, the more we use such foamy and bubbly stuff, the more we harm our body and skin. These products remove the naturally protective layer of oil off our skins and expose our skin to various types of harms. It dries up the skin, makes it irritable and roughs up the skin. So, do not use so many products every day.

Using many products

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4 Too much drying

Try to dry your body with a normal, soft towel. Let the body be little moist and then apply your favorite skin cream and that will keep your body healthy and moist. No need to go town on the body with a towel in order to dry off every single molecule of water.

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Too much drying



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