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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Had Their Smartphone Hacked

By Andrew Alpin, 5 March 2017


8 Emily Ratajkowski

Wonder why someone hacked Emily Ratajkowski as she herself loves displaying her most discreet images on social media. She loves showing the twins so it would make no sense to hack her phone when such items are available from the actress herself. In fact she even disagreed with Lawrence and said Googling such stuff was acceptable and viewers shouldn’t feel bad. This is one celeb who actually liked her discreet images reveled for all to see.

Emily Ratajkowski

Image Source: www.instyle.com

7 Amber Heard

There are several people who associate the name Amber heard wit manipulation and lies. Of course many in Hollywood feel, this looker took Johnny Depp for a nice ride and made a nice profit from it. When she had shot several intimate scenes for the movie “the informers” the net was full of leaked photos of the incident. But, there wasn’t much surprise and most probably she was even happy with the free publicity.

Amber Heard

Image Source: www.imgix.net

6 Blake Lively

Blake lively is one hot bombshell and she knows it too. She snubbed Leonardo De Caprio for Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds must have impressed her because before he met her he was married to Scarlet Johansson. When leaked images of Blake Lively hit social media, they weren’t much of a furor as she seemed normal in the photos too. Although the topic of invasion of privacy fid crop up, they were swept aside as Lively herself did not pursue the issue further.

Blake Lively

Image Source: www.prdaily.com

5 Vanessa Hudgens

As a celebrity with hacked smartphones she is also one of the prettiest stars in Hollywood. Famous for her high school musical days, Hudgens was hacked in 2007 where pictures of her in lingerie cropped up over the net. She of course being so young was worried about the incident affecting her career but did you think she learned her lesson??Not at all!! According to Ricky Gervais, the second incident also involving intimate images of Vanessa could have been the fault of the actress. Why put such pics of yourself on your computer knowing you are liable to be hacked. Gervais was bombarded with protests on Twitter and soon removed his tweet.

Vanessa Hudgens

Image Source: www.photoambebi.ge


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