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What Color Banana Would You Like To Eat? Find Out How Your Answer Effects Your Health

By Adreianna Alexes, 20 May 2018


This is one fruit that most people love to eat the world over. But while you may love your banana be it in ice creams, fruits salads, smoothies or whole, did you know that there is more to the banana than you know? Yes, the color of bananas makes a huge difference and while all of them are good to eat, some have more beneficial properties than the others. The information here could be very helpful the next time you purchase bananas. So read on and find out.

1You can’t go wrong with bananas

You can’t go wrong health-wise when you choose bananas as they are always good for health. Bananas improve digestion, provide us fiber, promote heart health and weight loss. They contain a high amount of nutrients and essential vitamins vital for good health. They are virtually good for everything as you will read about some of the benefits at the end of this article. But what’s surprising is that with each type of color, you get a different health benefit. 

Choosing banana

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2Green bananas

The texture and flesh of green bananas are firmer than ripe yellow bananas. They also contain more resistant starch. Unripe or raw bananas also fall into this category and can be eaten when cooked. In fact, try out a nice Indian curry with raw bananas and you’ll love it. 

Green bananas

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Good for fiber and regulates blood sugar

Dietician Jill Corleone says that the starch in green bananas acts like good fiber for the body. Called resistant starch, it can prevent diabetes and regulate blood sugar. It is also beneficial for heart problems and lowers blood cholesterol. Green bananas also called young bananas satiate you faster thus helping you with weight loss by regulating appetite. Raw young bananas are low on the glycemic index and controls blood sugar. 

Half cut green banana

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Rich in Vitamin B-6

Green bananas are rich in Vitamin in B-6 and just 1 cup contains 39% of your daily requirement. Vit.B-6 is important for almost 100 enzymatic reactions in the body and is required for the production of hemoglobin which also oxygenates the body. B-6 also helps in controlling levels of blood sugar. 

Green bananas are rich in Vitamin in B-6

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3Yellow bananas


Ripe and form yellow bananas are rich in antioxidants that fight illness caused b free radicals in our body. Yellow bananas contain an ingredient called dopamine which prevents heart disease reduces the risk of degenerative disease and elevates mood. While the mood factor doesn’t come into play here since dopamine from bananas does not enter the blood-brain barrier, it is still a strong antioxidant good for health. What one should realize about yellow bananas is that the riper the banana, the more sugar it contains. 

Yellow bananas

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