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Top 7 Kratom Smoothie Recipes

By AK, 12 February 2020


Kratom has a long history of pain-relieving and mood-enhancing use in Southeast Asia. Even today, some researchers are hopeful about its potential to treat opioid addiction.

Kratom may help thousands of people, but it can be difficult to figure out how to comfortably ingest it. Unfortunately, the flavor can be off-putting to many and may even turn some people away.

The answer to this problem is the kratom smoothie. Not only can it improve flavor, but it's a great way to add essential vitamins and nutrients to your diet. Check out 5 of the best kratom smoothie recipes below.

1 A Breakfast smoothie

If you like taking kratom in the morning with or before coffee, then this smoothie is for you! Coffee potentiates the protein in kratom. Make you of kratom dose properly.

Add a dose of kratom, a shot of espresso, a cup of milk, 2 sliced banana, 1 tbsp. of peanut butter and chocolate powder in a blender. Ice cubes are optional. Mix until you get smoothie texture. Serve it with chai seed (optional).

Some may have allergic to peanut butter; they can alternatively use almond butter or cashew nut butter.

2Banana Smoothie

The best time of day to enjoy a smoothie is breakfast. When you are racing around and starting your work in the morning, early breakfast is the last thing on your list. It's a refreshing way to wake up and ensure that you have enough nutrients for and energetic day. This is even more true with kratom in the mix.

The best kratom smoothies have yogurt and fruit. All you need is fruit juice, yogurt, a banana, a pinch of salt, and your kratom dose. If it's a hot day, freeze the banana to make it extra cold.

3A Green Smoothie


Don't get afraid of green smoothie! Green smoothies don't really taste terrible. They will offer a superb chance for you to try a lot of dark green leafy vegetables in one serve!

Green smoothies are some of the healthiest recipes out there. You can even make your recipe super green with some green kratom from The Kratom Connection.

A green smoothies usually call for some dark leafy greens, like spinach, some fruit for sugar and flavor, and other healthy ingredients like ginger. You can add some water and cucumber to dilute the strength of the greens.

4A Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is a delicious way to mask the bitter taste of kratom. The best part of a fruit smoothie is that you can customize it any way you want with your favorite fruits.

Sweeter fruit smoothies are made with ripe bananas and other sweet fruit like mango. More watery smoothies can use thinner fruit juices like watermelon, or blend with ice. If you like thick smoothies, try throwing in an avocado for texture.

5A Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate smoothies are needless to say, they are steady favorite certainly.

Chocolate smoothies are a decadent option for anyone with a sweet tooth. They really like a healthy dessert that doesn't leave you feeling guilty for indulging.

You'll need cocoa or cacao powder for any chocolate smoothie, then build from there. It's best to use a rich base, like yogurt, milk, or a non-dairy liquid. You can add bananas to sweeten the recipe.

6A Diet Smoothie


Nutrition's agree that adding nutrition dense smoothie to your daily diet, can help you to avoid weight creepage by keeping your hunger levels in a check and promote weight loss.

If you're calorie conscious, you may want to make a diet kratom smoothie. The key is to avoid unnecessary sugar. Instead of loading up on flavored yogurt, opt for unsweetened non-dairy milk instead.

You can also add low calorie, high fiber fruits like berries, grapefruit, or kiwi.

7Fruit and yogurt Smoothie

Fruit and yogurt smoothie are preferred by many due to their adorable taste and easy preparation. In the fruit and yogurt smoothie recipe, using vanilla yogurt will be better than using other. You can use your favorite flavor. This can be taken for breakfast or preferably for light dinner.

Add 1 banana, a cup strawberry, half cup yogurt, 1 tsp. orange juice and milk and required sugar and blend it until smooth.

If you are fond of experiment, you can even add some more or another juice or fruits to get your favorite flavor.

Kratom Smoothie Recipes and More

A kratom smoothie will taste great while still helping you with pain, mood, focus, or addiction. It will also improve the nutritional quality of your diet and potentially improve your health. Make sure to try out a few of the smoothies above to discover your favorite recipe.

For more health and fitness conscious recipes, check out the rest of our blog.


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