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20 Things That Will Make You Look at Them Twice to Make Sure That Your Mind is Not Spinning

By Meera Kaushal, 7 May 2018


How often have you seen things that are not there in reality? What we mean is that at times, we all get to see some things, which are not really there, but we still identify them by making connections to some shapes and forms. This type of an illusion is known as pareidolia, which basically tricks your brain to see the weirdest of things in the strangest of places. We have compiled a list of 20 such funny things that are not there in reality, but are still there for your brain to be tricked:

1So much Love

When nature itself shows the best examples of love, who can complain? This carrot looks like it is being hugged by its offspring, who is simply not ready to part from his mother.

So much Love

Image Source: www.storyfox.de

2Figure on ice

Who could think that ice formations can also take such shapes and that too so naturally! I am in awe of the beauty of the pose that this snowcat has taken up.

Figure on ice

Image Source: www.poisonedpets.com

3Clouds and wires


This picture allows us to see a guitar that has been made by the clouds and wires. Although, the guitar is really not there, the way this picture has been clicked, makes it look just superb!

Clouds and wires

Image Source: brightside.me

4Froggy Coffee

Frothy coffee is a normal thing, but when the froth takes shape of a frog, that is when the real fun begins. Don’t you just love the eyes of the little frog in here?!

Froggy Coffee

Image Source: www.kaotic.com

5One body, two heads!

We had to really look hard to realize that there are two dogs, just standing in such a manner that their body looks like one.

puppy with two heads

Image Source: kickvick.com


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