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15 People Who Shared a Selfie That Turn Out To Be The Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 26 May 2018

Selfie is the mainstream way of taking a photo of yourself or with someone else in the picture. It sounds like a trend that became a thing around a few years ago, but that’s not the case. The first ever selfie was taken in 1839 by an amateur chemist named Robert Cornelius. It’s not what you’ve expected to be, but it is a selfie nevertheless.

The selfie that we know of today is a whole different story. You have top-notch front cameras on phones just so you can take the perfect selfie at any time of the day. And yet, we still have a list of people who didn’t even bothered with looking at an image before it goes on social media.

Well, technology has its only limits after all. We can take a perfect and quality picture alright, but there’s no assistance that will notify you if your dog is taking a poop in the background of your selfie.

1No one saw it coming

You’ve just been photo-bombed by the slowest and the laziest animal on Earth. But it’s also super cute so no one really mind the little guy. The people in the background probably had no idea that a hanging sloth will be the star of the selfie.

No one saw it coming

Image Source: brightside.me

2When you see it

These little spiders look so harmless, and they actually are harmless. But if you’re scared of spiders, size is not going to make that much of a difference. Take these two girls for example. We would probably freak out as well if there was a spider just besides our bed. Although, the girl on the right should probably check her reflexes or something.

Little spiders

Image Source: casosinteressantes.org

3So “her boyfriend caught her sleeping.”

This is even awkward to look at. Why would someone do such a thing? Or to be more specific, why would someone do such a thing on such an unprofessional way? The rule is; when you’re trying to fool someone, make sure you check every details so you don’t fool yourself.

Boyfriend caught her sleeping

Image Source: brightside.me

4When you see it, part 2

This girl really looks cute. She has beautiful eyes and a great smile. But if you look closely in the right mirror behind, you’ll notice how some dudes are not that into beautiful eyes and a great smile. She probably noticed the detail the made her picture viral, but it was too late.

When you see it

Image Source: todaytrek.com

5The caption of the pic: “This traffic, ugh!”

Is there a new trend going on over the internet? Something similar to eating tide pods, but less dangerous? Why would someone lie about being stuck in traffic? Is waiting for hours in the same spot going to make you look cool? This new generation and their ways can be really weird sometimes.

The caption of the pic

Image Source: harmonikum.co

6My invisible boyfriend part 2

We’ll never understand the philosophy behind these pics. If you’re single and you need a boyfriend/girlfriend, what’s the point of posting images like this one on social media? Because you’re not fooling anyone…except yourself.

My invisible boyfriend

Image Source: www.vamoslaportugal.net

7The dog can’t be trusted

The thing with dogs is that they want to try whatever you’re eating. Even if they don’t like it (and they probably won’t), the simply have the urge of tasting this food that their human is eating. This pup is no different, and it’s already planning his move.

Dog cant be trusted

Image Source: todaytrek.com

8We all celebrate Halloween a bit differently

This girl is probably a princess or something, and that’s cool. You can wear the costume that you want to wear on Halloween. But the dude in the background, that’s the real spirit of Halloween. He probably ruined the photo for the princess, but it is what it is.

Celebrate Halloween a bit differently

Image Source: brightside.me

9The kid looks terrified

Even though it looks like Halloween, it’s not. This is a picture from a Ke$ha themed birthday party, and the kid was probably not invited. To put it simple, the kid’s expression sums up how we all feel about Ke$ha themed birthday parties.

The kid looks terrified

Image Source: newsyou.info

10It’s not what you think it is

This pic looks like this dude is about to rob some random house, but have you ever been in a super small bathroom? It’s alright if you’re short, but what if you’re tall and a big person? You can’t even take a proper selfie without using the window.

Taking selfie in bathroom

Image Source: szorakoztato.com

11Is this how YOLO looks like?

Don’t ever do this! This dude was lucky enough to be alive. It’s really stupid when you see how some people risk their lives for a selfie and a moment of social fame. It’s simply not worth, and it’s dangerous for people around you as well.

This how YOLO looks like

Image Source: 5funfacts.com

12What happened?

She’s cute and all that, but just look at that mess of a room in the background. It seems like she invested a lot of time and effort to look beautiful. But, she should’ve picked a different room for the selfie.

Mess of a room in the background

Image Source: baavar.mn

13You can’t always trust technology

Billions and millions of dollars are invested in smartphones and their cameras…and for what? To have your face blurred just so people can clearly see the horse’s butt in the background? We’re not saying horses are not awesome, because they are. But sometimes, the selfie is not meant to have a horse’s butt as a main focus.

Always trust technology

Image source: telegrafi.com

14She almost covered her face

We’ve seen tons of similar selfies all over social media. Bunch of people trying to act cool by covering their faces in selfies. We’re not sure if this was really a mistake or is this girl trying to mock people who take half-face selfies?

She almost covered her face

Image Source: brightside.me

15Mom is not impressed

This is probably one of her last Instagram pictures. Mom looks super pissed, and she looks like she’s about to use her hands this time. There’s no more “we need to talk” or “you’re grounded.” The next stage is definitely the phantom smack in this case.

Mom is not impressed

Image Source: brightside.me