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The List of Your 15 Most Favorite and Popular TV Shows all Set to Return With Another Amazing Season

By Raveena Ashodia, 22 June 2018


Once there was a time when TV had lost its golden age and cinemas were ruling the hearts of the people. But time has changed again and now and TV Shows are much popular among the youths. There’s so much in television from which cinema can learn. TV Shows are much better from cinema in every aspect like storytelling, characterization and breaking new talent. The popularity of TV Shows can’t be compared as they provide their viewers with everything they can ask for. The success of great TV series like ‘The Breaking Bad’, ‘Game of Thrones’,  and others are the example of the popularity of TV Shows.

These famous TV Shows have a great fan following and their fans desperately wait for another season. Netflix is also an example of the popularity of TV Shows as no one subscribes to Netflix for movies. The reason behind the success of TV over Cinema is the great storytelling, justice with the characters, and the bond of the viewers with characters also the actors do their best work on TV as they are provided with great opportunities. Today we are talking about some great TV Shows that are coming back with another amazing season in 2018-19.

1Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a very popular TV Show in every age group. The last season of the series, season 7 was aired in past summer and since then the fans are eagerly waiting for the season 8. Unfortunately, season 8 is going to be the final season of the series and it’ll be here in 2019. The fans have to wait for one more year as the release date is not confirmed.

Game of Thrones

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2The 100


The 100 is a science fiction series that is based on a novel of the same name. This series is hugely popular and the last season was premiered in April 2018. Since then the fans are confused about the new season and the releasing date. The good news is that CW has confirmed the season 6 of the series which will be premiered in the fall of 2018.

The 100

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3The Amazing Race


The amazing race is an impressive TV Show that has won 10 out of 14 Emmy Awards for reality completion program. The TV Show has been on TV for a very long time with 30 seasons and the fans are concerned about the season 31. The future of the show is not predictable but still, such a prestigious show cannot be aired out without some kind of farewell.

The Amazing Race

Image Source: www.realitytvworld.com

4American vandal


This show has gained popularity in a very short time and also get nominated for critics’ choice awards. This show is a combination of fun and thrill and revolves around the lives of two teenagers and a prank that made it the most devoured show of the year. After the success of season 1, American vandal season 2 is confirmed by Netflix and will be premiered in the fall of 2018.

American vandal

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Arrow is an American TV Show based on the lives of superheroes and was premiered on October 10, 2012, on The CW for the first time. It is based on a character of DC Comics named Green Arrow and features other characters from DC Universe as well. In Arrowverse, this was the first show. The premiere date for season 7 is confirmed as October 15, 2018.


Image Source: www.univision.mn

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