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18 Photos That Have The Perfect Timings to Make You Laugh out Loud

By Bincy Joseph, 8 June 2018


Photo shops are fun we do agree to it, but there is a lot more beyond photo shop. Clicking pictures at the perfect timing can also get you photos worth cherishing for a lifetime. Sometimes it happens that the pictures are so perfectly timed that it will be hard for you to wonder what exactly happened out there which changed the entire meaning of the photograph.

The meaning and the purpose gets altered entirely when it is a quick and smart click. The ‘timing’ is all that you need to match up with when you are not in a mood to use photo shop and use the natural art of clicking pictures Here are few pictures that could not have been more perfectly timed.

1Why should humans have all the fun?

This picture is a rebel of these animals who are fed up of watching their masters clicking their pictures alone. This picture shows that these innocent pets are trying to say “we can also click selfies and groupies if we wish to click and that too without anyone’s help.” The cat must have stolen its master's cell phone and is going to post it on Instagram to show why should masters have all the fun?

Why should humans have all the fun?

Image Source: img.sportzbonanza.com

2The heads off shoulder picture

This picture is no less than a magic where this pretty girl has cast a spell and has the capability of holding her head in her hands. Dare you do not sight a girl taking her picture this way at night, or you will run back to save your skin.

The heads off shoulder picture

Image Source: pp.userapi.com

3Super surfer on a surf man


This picture was so perfectly timed that this man who is surfing seems like he has some grudges against the second man and thus made him his surfing board. This picture is no less than a perfect illusion to wonder if the surfer is using a surfing board or a surfing man?

Super surfer on a surf man

Image Source: k.img.mu

4The sleeping beauty in the air

Pole Vault is a sport that should be done with full rush and full energy but look at this athlete it seems that she is so tired that she fell asleep in mid-air. I dare not try this sleepy game ever especially when I have not slept last night.

The sleeping beauty in the air

Image Source: img.sportzbonanza.com


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