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15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Marriage Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 8 June 2018


11Decorating the bathroom

We all know that most women would prefer something classy, and colors like ocean blue or chocolate brown. But when it comes men, things are a bit different. They will use the occasion to decorate a specific room (bathroom in this case) in the house in their own way. 

Decorating the bathroom

Image Source: brightside.me

12Don’t touch the ice-cream!

This is not a new thing or something that only happens when you’re married. If you have a sister or a brother, you’ve had a similar experience as a child. Ice-cream, cookies or chocolate, we’re all disappointed and a bit angry when someone eats our favorite food.

Don’t touch the ice-cream!

Image Source: files.adme.ru

13Perfect decoration for the kitchen


It’s simple, straight to the point and it’s a source of motivation as well. If you’re spending too much time in the kitchen, you’re going to get fat. It is a simple as that. Thanks to this brilliant decoration piece, you’ll always have a reminder to watch your weight.

Perfect decoration for the kitchen

Image Source: files.brightside.me

14This is just so wrong

How can you mess this up? It’s simple, it’s a toilet paper roll and there’s a hole in it for a reason. This is just how men tend to do things when there’s a lack of logic when it comes to tasks like this one. It still works, but not like it supposed to.

This is just so wrong

Image Source: makataka.su

15The Halloween costume

Halloween is different for married couples. It's not just candied anymore, but the opportunity to experiment in the bedroom with a cool costume is exciting too. But if your wife has a sense of humor, she will probably say that her Halloween costume would be best, and she will show up wearing this!

The sexy Halloween costume

Image Source: pixmafia.com


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