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35 One In A Million Perfectly Timed Coincidental Photographs That Are Simply Mind-blowing

By Andrew Alpin, 7 December 2017


Have you ever experienced while on vacation or a day at the beach a photograph taken at that particular moment that makes it a coincidental and amazing image. Something crosses your subject or you may be shooting against a backdrop that makes your photograph awesome. It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. The resulting creation is a beautiful illusion and an unforgettable photograph. Here is a compilation of 35 coincidental photographs that will blow your mind.

1Angel crossing the street

This is a remarkable case of fantastic timing on the part of the photographer but if he wasn’t aiming for that timing then the coincidence is fantastic. She literally looks like an angel busy on a phone. Calling the man himself?? 

Angel crossing the street

Image Source: www.pikabu.ru

2Bird checking out himself in a book

Can you believe this coincidence, this bird actually landed on the page carried a photo of it. How’s that for a remarkable coincidence, it’s almost weird that such things can happen.

Bird checking out himself in a book

Image Source: www.thebuddy.me

3Fireman guardian angel


This is unbelievable and the coincidental photograph actually has a lot of symbolism in it. Aren’t firefighters our saviors in times of distress coming to our rescue?? It’s like the perfect image of a fireman as an angel. 

Fireman guardian angel

Image Source: www.twimg.com

4Whose shooting who

It seems that this photographer never really realized that his reflection would appear in the photograph. But the result is incredible and it looks as if the eagle is taking the photo. Amazing shot this one. 

Whose shooting who

Image Source: www.netdna-ssl.com

5Man with tree growing from his head

Now, this is really amusing. One can very well feel that this is a setup shot but the man seems to be walking, not standing still which is evidence that this is purely an amazing coincidence. Imagine a tree like that growing out of your head.

Man with tree growing

Image Source: www.thebuddy.me

6He lived his dream Imagine the coincidence of this


The upper image is taken when the boy was a child clearly showing his passion for flying. Well! That’s exactly what he turned out to be, an army chopper pilot. But! That’s not all, look at the number of the choppers; they both read the same number 498.

 He lived his dream

Image Source: www.kn3.net


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