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15 Times People Were Very Confused With What They Saw and Internet Came To Their Rescue

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 30 June 2018

Our lives have become very easy with the introduction of Internet, especially if we have to clear any doubt or ask a query. Google, the largest search engine of the world, has answers to almost every question; however, it can help only if you know what you want to search for. If you are not sure what you are looking for, community platforms can come handy.

Reddit is also one such community platform where discussion on many topics takes place. These 15 people had no idea about what was in front of them, so they took to reddit and posted questions about those mysterious or unknown things and got the correct and satisfactory answers!

1Blue animal on sand

What is this blue animal which has a little sail on its back and was seen on the shorelines of Vancouver?

This is an aquatic animal which survives on the surface of water and is called Velellaand. It is also known by the name of purple sail, sea raft, by-the-wind sailor or little sail. It is a carnivorous animal and the function of small sail is to catch the wind and push itself towards the surface of the ocean or sea.

Blue animal on sand

Image Source: businessinsider.com

2Harmless mushrooms

Someone posted this photo on reddit and asked if anybody knows about these fungi which are growing in their walking path only in this patch.

These are mushrooms which are not harmful, their white top will turn dark and then if touched, it will break. They are edible but very less people consume them because of which they are not at all known for their taste.

Harmless mushrooms

Image Source: www.metdaan.com

3What are these?

The commuters of St. Petersburg metro cars were not able to understand what these new contraptions are for. They may look like pressing sheets but they have seat belts attached to them and they don’t overlap either. Do you know what are they?

What are these?

Image Source: imgur.com

They turned out to be backrests for the commuters on wheel chair. Such a commuter can rest the chair on the backrest as well as use the seat belt for the safety purpose. They can be used by the guardians with carriages too as it will provide them with more safety.

Strange, isn’t it?

Image Source: twimg.com

4Strange, isn’t it?

Someone found this on the beach of Vancouver, Canada. Do you know what this is?

Well this is known as sea cucumber, an aquatic animal that has the capacity of barfing up its internal organ if it senses an enemy around it. However, what makes it more strange is its name. How can anyone name it as sea cucumber?

Now what is this on the road?

Image Source: diply.com

5Now what is this on the road?

Someone saw this on the road in DC. Do you know what is it?

Well it is a kind of semi-autonomous robot which can be used for the purpose of delivery of food items or letters and this is the future of the world. Normally they are used within the university campuses or office campuses of multinationals but the time will soon come when they will be delivering food or package at your house.

Are these oil containers?

Image Source: marcianos.com

6Are these oil containers?

Somebody found these in an old junk drawer while cleaning the estate? Do you know what are they?

They are containers of oil which were used for lubricating small machines such as sewing machine. You need to press the container from the oval spot and a drop of oil will come out of the container.

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Image Source: diply.com

7Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Someone found this in his car; what is it?

A reddit user answered that it is a caterpillar but it is covered with eggs of the parasites and the owner of the car needs to get his car washed immediately. The caterpillar will lose its life because of these parasites and this annoyed many reddit users.

What the bug?

Image Source: providr.com

8What the bug?

There are many types of bugs in this world, but we are sure that you must not have seen such a fluffy one. Someone found a bit of fluff in the garden and turned to reddit to ask about it.

As usual the redditors didn’t disappoint and told that it is Woolly Alder Aphid.

Flower -shaped cutlery

Image Source: diply.com

9Flower -shaped cutlery

Can you tell for what purpose this is flower-shaped cutlery used?

Well the Victorians have their own rules for food and serving purposes and hands should not touch the food while serving. So this piece of cutlery is used for serving a slice of tomato. Isn’t it absolutely unique and beautiful?

What is this under the bridge?

Image Source: redd.it

10What is this under the bridge?

If you see something like this under a bridge, it means that someone is doing magnet fishing or magnetic fishing. It can be called as an attempt to search for ferromagnetic objects which can be pulled with the use of neodymium magnet in the outdoor waters. This is a hobby prevalent among the celebrities.

Can you find a snake in the grass?

Image Source: www.metdaan.com

11Can you find a snake in the grass?

Look at the grass in the photo; can you see a snake in it?

Well it may give an impression that there is a snake in the grass but it is actually a caterpillar, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail to be exact. Next time, when you take a walk in grass, be careful and alert.

An alien with a number of red eyes?

Image Source: www.metdaan.com

12An alien with a number of red eyes?

A person took this bean home but after some time, it started opening up which perplexed the person.

He took to reddit to know more about it and redditors told that there is nothing to worry about as they are just ordinary magnolia seeds. Seems a little weird but it is beautiful too, isn’t it?

Now it’s fearsome

Image Source: redd.it

13Now it’s fearsome

Someone found this by the toaster and asked the redditors what it is. The person was thinking of something related to cockroach but when the redditors replied, it was scary.

According to reddit, it looks like the tail of a rattlesnake. Having a rattlesnake at home is damn fearsome, isn’t it?

Snake’s eggs hanging on a tree

Image Source: jaizaa.com

14Snake’s eggs hanging on a tree

A person’s relative found eggs hanging on a tree and got confused as to how this could happen.

But the reddit has answer to every question and someone told that a bird may have hit the pregnant snake and the eggs just fell down. Do you also think the same?

Now what is this?

Image Source: imgur.com

15 Now what is this?

Someone found this on a beach in New Zealand and there were hundreds of them. He asked on reddit whether anyone has an idea about it and the answer was a little scary.

It is a part of siphonophore and should not be touched as they can have stingers which can be harmful for humans, if not poisonous then at least painful. Someone told that his aunt touched one of them once and she was hospitalized.


Image Source: redd.it