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People Who Are Evolving Into Their Pets In Most Hilarious Ways

By Bincy Joseph, 31 May 2018


Do you have pets at home? Are you in love with them? If this is your case, then it is not a surprise that your pets may end up looking like you and imitating you as well. Many a time you must have seen cute little puppies wearing the same hats and same clothes as of their master and must have wished to have the same. Not only do they have similar trends in clothes and accessories but also in the way they react, and the expressions that they give which will make you wonder is it a pet or a clone of the owner. Here are some hilarious pictures of pets that will make you hold our stomach and laugh out loud having a look at their gestures and expressions.

1Sharing is caring

It is always good to share your things; we have learned it from our childhood days. But sharing an apple laptop that too with a pet is quite surprising. Just look at this girl who bought a mini apple laptop for her cat. I’m pretty sure the cat is playing Tom and Jerry and in no case going to spare poor Jerry.

Sharing is caring

Image Source: cdn.lifebuzz.com

2The horror movie

Having same interests can also be like watching a horror movie together and getting frightened in the same way as well. See this picture of the dog and master reacting in the same way after watching a ghost playing up in the movie and wishing that the zombies don’t come out from the TV set.

The horror movie

Image Source: www.troab.com

3When you are in love with your dog


This owner is so attached to its dog that it is not a big deal for him to wear the dog’s attire and take his dog for a walk. Seeing this picture, you can hardly figure out which is the real one except for the two legs that you can spot. Wish this man bent and used his four limbs; it would have been a full guessing game to spot the difference between the man and the dog.

When you are in love with your dog

Image Source: ugc.kn3.net

4The stylish dog

Accessorizing is so much fun! See this dog imitating its owner wearing the gangster shades. It is quite evident that both of them are definitely going to get into some mischief as soon as you turn your back.

The stylish dog

Image Source: cdn.lifebuzz.com

5Even the frown can be the same

We have seen the owners and pets resembling each other in their smiles, their laughs, their manes, etc. But look at this picture even dogs can frown in the same way as of their owners. Guys beware you are not troubling this pretty girl, or the dog is ready to chase you out.

Even the frown can be the same

Image Source: image.dogilike.com


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