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15 People Whose Day Just Got Worse

By Christopher Paul, 3 June 2018


We all want a break after a long day. Just come home and relax before going to bed. That doesn't work out the way we want sometimes. Sometimes it feels like life doesn't want to give us a break. It feels like a domino effect, one thing went wrong and now everything is falling apart.

On days like this we need a laugh. We need something to unwind, something to crack the tension. On days like that, lists like this come in handy. Today we're going to see 15 people who are having a really bad day. Some don't even know what hit them.

If you're having a bad day, sit back and relax and take a look at these 15 people having a bad time. They might make you cringe, they sight make you laugh or at least they might make you smile.

15 Titanic Isn't For Everyone

We've all seen ?James Cameron's 1997 epic blockbuster Titanic. We all know the Titanic pose, man stands behind the woman, both have their arms extended, and the woman gets hit in the face with a seagull? This was definitely not what this couple was expecting.

Titanic Isn

Image Source: i2.wp.com

14 When You Lie Your Way To The Top

This picture is the best representation of the meme "When you lie on your resume but still get the job". A man just making delicious cotton candy and in the process sugar-coating himself. He clearly has no idea how to do it. You have to give him props for not stopping and not giving up.

When You Lie Your Way To The Top

Image Source: pixmafia.com

13 When You Watch Slayer In 4k


This picture of an LCD TV with its back panel completely melted due to extreme heat. We're not sure how this happened but it looks dangerous and the damage looks like the owners need a new TV. You cannot fix that with a bit of duct tape.

When You Watch Slayer In 4k

Image Source: files.brightside.me

12 Don't Be On Your Phone While Eating

We all know how angry our parents get when we sit at the dinner table with our phones. They do not like it one bit, this image is another reason why you should listen to them. Though mobiles today are built to be pretty water proof, even if a tiny, small bit of liquid gets inside, that phone is dead.


Image Source: pixmafia.com


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