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15 Hilarious Pieces of Evidence to Prove How Humor Is Vital In Medicine

By Andrew Alpin, 1 June 2018


A doctor’s lifestyle isn’t easy. The lives of hundreds of people lie in a doctor’s hands every day. Given this and the fact that a doctor needs to put in shifts at a hospital and various chambers around a city make life really stressful for some. For this reason, doctors and those in the medical profession like nurses may appear somber and serious all the time. You might think them nerds with no time for humor or casual talk but you’ll be surprised. Nurses and doctors are just like you and me and the intensity of their profession gives them many topics for humor as their families will tell you. Here are 15 snippets of proof to show how doctors also have a great sense of humor and some of these jokes will really tickle you.

1“Got an X-ray yesterday. The whole hospital was ROFL”

It seems this doctor or nurse took an X-ray with her toenails done with little bows and never removed them. As you can see the result is quite amusing and must have incurred a lot of laughter among colleagues and the radiography department too.

 Whole hospital was ROFL

Image Source: breakbird.com

2How would you like a shot, blue or red?

This is what happens when your mom or a family member is a nurse with medical items always on their mind. Invariably it filters into their creative sense of humor at arranging snacks at parties too. 

blue or red

Image Source: www.barnorama.com

3Medicine is a miracle


This guy goes to the doctor after three days of having his leg bruised. Explaining t the doctor something that you assume is right will only flummox your doctor. Seems this doctor has a sense of humor and decided to agree. Both were happy. 

Medicine is a miracle

Image Source: breakbird.com

4 “They tried to scam me from my roommate’s account but I fought back.”

Did you get this? Obviously, this isn’t a true scammer at work. These are colleagues trying to aggravate a fellow doctor or nurse it seems. But it goes to show, don’t test a doctor. 

Whats app chat

Image Source: breakbird.com

5This is truly weird

The big question here is if this guy is really a doctor as he is claiming to be and that’s the big question. Wouldn’t a doctor know what happens in the flu as it is of course very common unless he’s being funny? 

Chat screen shot

Image Source: .brightside.me


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