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Beet Juice Prevents Cancer and Heart Diseases. 15 Magical Health Benefits Of Drinking Beet Juice Daily

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 19 June 2018


We need to focus a lot on our diet if we want to remain healthy and there is no denying the fact that a healthy diet plan will always have a good amount of vegetables and fruits. One vegetable that has to be a part of your diet plan is beetroot because it is very nutritious and even used for the medicinal properties.

Eating a beet or drinking its juice every day is highly beneficial for health as beets are full of nutrients such as iron, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium which have their own benefits. Even its leaves are also good for health as they have calcium that is good for bones and teeth and vitamin K which has blood clotting properties.

One question that comes in the mind of every person is whether to juice it or not to juice it as the raw beet and cooked beet will contain more fiber but it is highly difficult to eat raw beet as it doesn’t taste good while many nutrients get lost in the process of cooking. The juice may get concentrated but the nutrients are intact and it is also easy to digest.

200 ml of juice daily will be enough for a person and here are some benefits of drinking beet juice daily:

1Clean toxins from liver

What makes beetroot one of the best foods for liver is the presence of betaine, iron, vitamin B, antioxidants and calcium in it. Betaine plays an important role in getting liver rid of toxins while pectin clears the toxins that are removed from the liver, ensuring that they don’t enter body. As per a study conducted in Poland, beets can very helpful in protecting the liver from oxidative damage.

Clean toxins from liver

Image Source: www.healthline.com

2Improve digestion and blood quality

Regular consumption of beet results in improving the digestion and blood quality. In addition, they are used for treating constipation and other diseases related to digestion. The intake of beet is very helpful in the bowel movement as well and hence it improves the overall condition of the digestive system.

Improve digestion and blood quality

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3Reduce blood pressure


We are living a very fast and hectic life which is resulting in increasing the number of blood pressure patients. However, as per a research conducted in Queen Mary University of London, daily consumption of beet juice can reduce blood pressure in four weeks. The experts say that it happens because there are nitrates in beet and our body converts them into nitric oxide; during the process, there is expansion in blood vessels. This will help those also who are at a risk of cardiovascular disease.

Reduce blood pressure

Image Source: www.bu.edu

4Very beneficial for the heart

Reduction in blood pressure will automatically reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. The Kansas State University published a report which states that the delivery of oxygen to the working skeletal muscles enhances after beet consumption. The capacity of moving arm or leg reduces if they don’t get oxygen properly and it further increases the chance of heart disease.

Very beneficial for the heart

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5Lower bad cholesterol

It was found during a research that the rats which were fed with extract of beet, their good cholesterol level increased while there was a decrease in overall cholesterol levels which means that bad cholesterol was reduced. There is need for more research in this aspect but researchers feel that beet can reduce bad cholesterol as it is one of those very few food items which have zero cholesterol and low calories.

Lower bad cholesterol

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