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DIY Pine Cone Crafts to Decorate your Home

By Afsana Khatoon, 7 October 2017


People in order to decorate their houses run to department stores, spending a lot of money on ready-made, branded things. But those expensive showpieces and props are nothing compared to the pleasure you get from handmade or homemade crafts. The Fall always leaves behind aesthetic gifts for us. One such gift is the pine cone. Look around you, in your school playground or garden, your neighborhood or just go to the nearby woods, you will find plenty of pine cones spread like a carpet on the forest floors. You must be wondering what actually these strange scaly pines are? The state of Maine has pine cones as their official 'flower'. But when we think about the appearance of flowers, we think about their color, delicacy, and size, unlike pine cones which are brown, woody, grenade-shaped objects. This is because technically they are not flowers. It is a misnomer used for them, they are actually seeds called gymnosperm and dates back to the prehistoric times. Pine cones are known to have been a delicacy for dinosaurs. But now these delicate pine cones are considered to be elegant and decorative and are largely used to make handicrafts. Here are some easy, hand- picked ideas to make handicrafts with pine cones:

1Pine Cone Snowman With Lantern

You can take the help of your kids and this can also help you get some quality time with your family. You can enjoy yourselves making this snowman for Christmas and also have fun with your family at the same time. 

Pine Cone Snowman With Lantern DIY

Image Source: www.architectureartdesigns.com


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