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8 Awesome and Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas for an Organized Bathroom

By Andrew Alpin, 24 March 2017


Perhaps the most awkward room of your home could be your bathroom. I’m sure everyone has been in this situation of not knowing where to keep your cellphone while you do your business. You need space for soap but there isn’t any. You may be surprised to know that with a little ingenuity and effort, you can easily revamp your bathroom with these DIY bathroom storage ideas to have a convenient bathroom.

1 Give your phone a resting place

To prevent your phone from getting wet, make a space for it by purchasing a toilet roll phone holder with a shelf space on top.

Cellphone hanger

Image Source: www.grouponcdn.com

2 Use your shower curtains

Replace your shower curtains with this PVA mesh pocket storage curtain instead. It has pockets for toiletries.

shower curtains

Image Source: www.webcollage.net

3 Utilize your bathroom cabinet doors


Fitting the inner part of your bathroom cabinet with this cabinet tools holder is a great bathroom storage idea.

bathroom cabinet doors

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

4 Place shelves over your power outlets

You can get such readymade power outlets for bathrooms which are a great idea for holding a dryer or electric razor.

shelves over your power outlets

Image Source: www.etsystatic.com

5 A great place for your toothbrush

Use the same power outlet space for placing toothbrushes.

placing toothbrushes

Image Source: www.diply.com

6 Magnetic strip to keep drawers organized


Invariably your drawers get all cluttered and you need to hunt for your hair clips. Using magnetic strips keeps all metallic knick knacks neat.

organize hair clips

Image Source: www.simplysweetdays.com

7 Net pouches for tubby toys

Hang up a net pouch on the wall for storing your kids tub rubber toys. Rubber toys lying on the bathroom floor isn’t just untidy, they can attract germs which isn’t good for your kid.

Net pouches for tubby toys

Image Source: www.elfagr.org

8 A shelf over the faucet

Perhaps a handy bathroom storage idea. Increase shelf space by placing this over your faucet. This item makes cleaning an easy job too.

shelf over the faucet

Image Source: www.casasincreibles.com