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List of 10 tricks to light a fire using unconventional items

By Arkadeep Deb, 5 April 2017


The first question that comes to mind at a magic show is if the magician indeed has mystical powers, or is simply using equipment specifically crafted to that end? With a little hair-splitting, you can guess the reason behind the illusion. Yes, that is right; Science! Today we shall watch this tutorial video for a rudimentary array of fire tricks. Some of the tricks are downright outrageous, but some are nifty enough to fool the unsuspecting.

All of these tricks involve fire, so be careful as to keep some ‘Burnol’ handy, just in case, however the target is to practice it live only when the trick has been perfected to a zero-risk point. A good step would be to try it on the terrace or the backyard if you will!

1 The Prometheus trick

As lofty as the name sounds, the trick is equally simple to master. The objective is to make it seem like one’s palm is on fire and the fire is burning perpetually without burning any part of the body. The trick requires a hand sanitizer. Squeeze a portion of the sanitizer on the floor or on a solid surface (preferably not wood or plastic). Smear it around but ensure it still remains as a thick coating. Hold a lighter near the chemical, and the compounds in the mixture do the rest. You can even smear the liquid after you light it, the process should not hurt your fingers at all. With practice, you can convince most that there was no chemical aiding the process, it’s all in your anatomy!

The Prometheus trick

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


2 Firestarter I

This trick involves lighting a matchstick using another matchstick and a rubber band. Fold the rubber band, as instructed in the video into two and slip one end through the other. The outcome should make the band resemble a butterfly. The knot in the middle is where the match which is to be used in lighting the other match is inserted, the knot is tightened thereafter. Once the knot is made, releasing the ends should reveal a match with a tightly wound rubber band acting as a sling, a la a catapult. Now hold the match to be lit, against the free rubber band end and pull the tied matchstick back and release. The free matchstick lights up thanks to friction when the tied match is released against it.

Match stick trick

Image Source: www.kinja-img.com


3 The Smoke-screen

This trick employs brake fluid and pool chlorine to produce large volumes of smoke and eventually fire. The pool chlorine is taken in a container and a small portion of brake fluid is applied. The chemical reaction emits billowing smoke. If you cut off the oxygen supply by covering the source in a lid or waste-cloth, upon resuming it, the mixture bursts into flames because of rapid contact with oxygen.

The Smoke screen

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