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15 Comics That Show The Comedy and Drama of Our Lives Perfectly

By Meera Kaushal, 7 June 2018

It is not every day that we get to see the works of an artist that relates perfectly to our lives. Venezuelan artist Maria Guadarrama is the one we are talking about and you will be surprised when you look at her creations. In her comic strip titled, “The Unspoken Truth,” Maria depicts life situations which most of us have experienced. There is so much of philosophy in her comics that we can truly see the drama and comedy that unfolds in life. Get ready to be surprised and find yourself in one of her artworks.

1This is what most people do

Isn’t this a normal thing that most of the people are doing these days in the world that we live in? No one really cares about the feelings of the other person and they simply use someone else’s heart for their own purpose and then throw it away like a product that gets sold in a supermarket.

This is what most people do

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2Being in a relationship is not that easy

The expectations that most people keep out of a relationship are almost always broken simply because they think that getting into a committed relationship guarantees all the happiness of the world. What they fail to realize is that being in love and being in a relationship needs dedicated hard work from both the partners.

Being in a relationship is not that easy

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3When loneliness feels heartbroken!

When we are not in a steady relationship, our loneliness gives us the peace that we need. In those moments of loneliness we learn so many aspects of our personality that we tend to feel like a whole new person when we are in our own company. But, the moment we find a partner we simply leave that loneliness all alone, basically meaning that we then never give time to ourselves as such.

When loneliness feels heartbroken!

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4The matters of the heart

The heart may have the power to run our body by pumping all that blood, but in matters of love it gets hurt very quickly and prefers to remain closed for maintenance for a long time. It is all powerful; yet so fragile! But the good news is that it opens up for love once it has recovered.

The matters of the heart

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5Life is great; we just need to look around

This is the story of so many people around us that we can actually get numb by realizing the number of such people. And in the truest of terms, we can only call it a misfortune of sorts because having it all and still feeling lonely and worthless is not how people should be feeling.

Life is great; we just need to look around

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6Self-respect is of utmost importance

Let’s face it, many of us feel so scared of being alone that we consider making that person a part of life, who had once or maybe even twice, fooled us. When we start to question whether we can trust our partner or not, that is actually a sign of sorts which tells us not to trust that person anymore. That is how you can trust yourself and have that correct dosage of self-respect. What is your take on this one?

Self-respect is of utmost importance

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7Just when we think it’s all over

Being heartbroken takes a toll on us, so much so that we know nothing apart from the fact that we are broken at that moment. And just when we think that all hopes are over for us, a new opportunity comes our way, to save us and to make us feel that love again.

Just when we think it’s all over

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8Too much baggage

This is one of the worst things that we humans do to ourselves. The only time guaranteed to us is the present and yet we keep carrying the heavy load of the past with us, everywhere we go. All of this baggage then disturbs our present and consequently the future as well. We should literally leave all that load to where it belongs; THE PAST!

Too much baggage

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9 Not everyone can handle the deep stuff

Most of us feel the need to have those deep conversations with the people around us, but not everyone has that thirst or even the ability to engage in those talks. And by default, we tend to get stuck in the muddy puddle of their thoughts and then we are left thinking, “Why on Earth did I come to this person?”

Not everyone can handle the deep stuff

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10 The all intelligent gate-keeper

Our heart tends to go to a lot of places, even the ones which are not good for us. But, our brain takes care of some things very efficiently and does the perfect gate-keeping whenever our heart tries to go out of control.

The all intelligent gate-keeper

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11Made for each other

Not everyone we like is supposed to like us back. And that is simply because we are made for someone who is perfect for us. We only have to look for that special someone who is made for us, and then we can have the best of life together.

Made for each other

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12 We just can’t control

We try very hard to not text or call him back after that break-up or a fight. And for a long period of time, we may even get successful at doing that, but just that one moment of loss of self-control and all the hard work gets drained away. How many of you have faced this situation?

We just can’t control

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13We are our own limitations

When we ourselves limit our capabilities to survive, who else is going to save us? We need to understand that only we can save ourselves and that can happen only if we look at the problem from an angle where we want the solution, not from where we choose to drown ourselves.

We are our own limitations

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14Sad story

This is one of the saddest realities of our world today when it comes to relationships. People are taken for a ride and are then left to be alone in the vastness of the world. Emotions are taken for granted and sensitive people are left wondering why they even try to find genuine love in this world.

Sad story

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15 Growing differently

This is one of the most beautiful aspects of being part of the human race. We all are same, yet different on so many levels; one of them being the way in which we grow as an individual. These differences make the world an amazing place to live in; wherein every person adds something different.

Growing differently

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