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Amazing Ideas on Garden Seating and Decor Using Dead Trees and Car Tires

By Andrew Alpin, 12 May 2017


Gardening seating arrangements can be an expensive affair if you think of going in for those fancy lawn chairs, dice and other fancy seating. Browsing all over the net and Pinterest can be confusing, here are some selected images to give you some cool tree stump ideas and garden seating with car tires for which we have a nice DIY video below. Take a look at how dead tree stumps could be used in your garden.

1 Grow a bunch of flowers in dead tree trunks

Place your flower pots at strategic points on the trunk where it will hold. For extra support the trunk can be placed beneath an awning or shade so that the pots can be supported from chains overhead.

Grow a bunch of flowers

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

2 Here’s an even better idea on how to use dead trees in your garden


Simply make them into flower containers. You could hollow them in, place soil and perhaps even add a bit of support to the base of the trunk and you have a beautiful natural growth area.

wooden flower containers

Image Source: www.listotic.com

3 How cute is this and easy too

This doesn’t take much work if you look closely. All it requires you to do is to clean and spruce up the trunk a bit and place flower pots around it aesthetically.

How cute is this and easy too

Image Source: www.balconygardenweb.com

4 Tree stump doll’s house

Unique tree stump ideas can really give you a fancy garden. Take a look at the two best ones a doll’s house and a fairy playground. These will make any garden magical and absoloutely beautiful.

Tree stump doll’s house

Image Source: www.balconygardenweb.com


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