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8 Gardening Ideas For Houses That Will Make You Become A Gardener

By Jatin Sharma, 22 Apr 2017


One should always have a small garden in the backyard. You can always grow small vegetables, herbs and spices to get the freshest content on your kitchen table for a healthy breakfast. Working in the garden also calms nerves and it is a great hobby.

Here are 8 ideas for you to get started on this hobby.

1 Raised garden beds

These raised garden beds can be made in the backyard or the courtyard as a way to keep vermin away from whatever you grow. It also gives you a way to keep your back and knees in shape. It is extremely easy to put together. You can use slabs and planks of wood and just create a floor of metal mesh and fill it with soil.

Raised garden beds

Image Source: www.brightside.me

2 Staircase gardens


If your house is on a slope, you can opt for this design of garden. It helps in keep the soil in place and you would have a dope garden that will make the guests feel extra welcomed. The design is pleasing to the landscape as well.

Staircase gardens

Image Source: www.lrytas.lt

3 Hanging Gardens

The hanging gardens are definitely an idea coming from a lazy soul who doesn’t want to bend over or kneel to do the gardening. However, they are very good for places that don’t have much space for keeping the pots and plants on the ground.

Hanging Gardens

Image Source: www.buba.ga


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