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3 Innovative Ways You Can Recycle Your Favorite Old Shirts

By Arkadeep Deb, 15 May 2017


3 Reusable grocery bag


  • Old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker


  • Cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Ensure, you cut along the seams. When you cut along the neck, ensure the cut is big, like a scoop, as this will serve as the opening of the bag. 
  • Mark 1inch long vertical strips along the bottom of the t-shirt. Draw the same on the back as well. Now cut along the lines to form small strips of the fabric. 
  • Turn the shirt inside out, tie one strip from the back to one in the front, continue doing this with all the strips. 
  • To secure the bottom further, take each double strip and tie it to the next strip in a double knot. 
  • Now, flip the t-shirt back, since it was inside out, the bag is ready. Add strips cut from the rejected parts to form a sling that can be used to carry the bag around on your shoulder.

Old t-shirt bag

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com


Personally, it would always be a recommendation to donate unused clothes. But if the clothing item in question is one that holds memories and you do not wish to throw it away, then you can use any one of these 3 innovative ways to reuse old shirts and repurpose them.


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