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13 DIY Life Hacks to Improve Your Life Instantly and Get Work Done

By Andrew Alpin, 25 March 2017


10 Hide all your recreational apps in your phone


Place all of your entertainment and distracting apps in a separate folder that isn’t obvious to you onscreen. You’ll be less likely to access such apps like a time wasting game if you need to perform extra steps to open it.

Hide all recreational apps

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11 Sharpen your focus


Hold a pen up 12-inches from your face. Stare at the tip of the pen for 1 minute. Focus on nothing but the pen to improve your concentration for the task ahead of you.

Sharpen your focus

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12 Keep calm with deep breathing


Reduce anxiety and release tension by practicing a simple breathing technique called Box Breathing. Breathe in for four seconds. Hold your breath for 4 seconds and again breathe out on a count of 4 seconds. Repeat the procedure till you relax.

Keep calm with deep breathing

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13 Try power posing


Among life hacks to stay focused this could be a real confidence booster. Change your stance by improving it into a more confident one. Try posing with your hands on your hips and chin tilted up slightly. The second pose is to stand with your arms above your head creating a V shape as if you’ve just been victorious about something. Your chest should be puffed out abit and your chin up. Perform these stances before a meeting, interview or a task that needs to give you a confidence boost.

Try power posing

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