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10 Surprisingly Different Uses of Salt Other Than Food Seasoning

By Andrew Alpin, 02 Jun 2017


Salt is a universal condiment which we cannot do without. It is the oldest and most common food seasoning that gives taste to any food. Surprisingly though, there are many other uses of salt that you may not even know about. Take a look at how salt can be used in several ways other than being just a seasoning.

1 Salt can prevent mold on shower curtains

When you first purchase a new shower curtain, wash it with salt and water solution, This will prevent mold appearing on the curtain which is common in a bathroom. Moreover you can also wash moldy curtains with salt to remove it.

Salt can prevent mold on shower curtains


2 Relieve Bug Bites


Mosquito bites and bug bites can be really itchy but make a solution of water and salt, dip your finger in it and rub it over the affected area. It will relieve the pain of the nasty stingers.

Mosquito bite

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3 Restore Shine to Copper

Copper items usually tend to get black or dull. Salt works great on copper. All you need is to make a solution with vinegar and flour. Add a dash of lemon juice and then rub the copper surface with a light scrub.

Use-salt Shine Copper

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4 Prevent oil from splattering

Sometimes you may not be aware of a little water in the pan which makes oil splatter. Moreover when you’re deep frying something it may splatter on you. The best way to prevent this is to sprinkle a little salt into the frying pan before you add the meat or fish.

pouring oil in the pan

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5 Make your candles drip free

The best way to prevent a candle dripping is to soak it in a concentrated salt solution for at two or three hours after which the dripping reduces. But before you light the candle you will need to dry it first.

Make your candles drip free

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6 Prevent shoe odor

Among the best uses of salt is removing the stinky odors from smelly shoes by inserting bags full of salt in them. Allow the bags to remain for some time and your shoes will start smelling better after a couple of hours. Alternately you can just sprinkle some salt inside your shoes once you remove them. Shake the shoe up so that the salt moves all around inside and then vacuum up the salt.

Prevent shoe odor

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7 Preventing and getting rid of ants

Make a solution of salt water in the ratio of 1:4 and pour it into a bottle or spray can. Now spray the solution wherever you see ants gathering or you can even sprinkle salt directly on the ants.

use salt to get rid off ants

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8 Safe and cost effective paints for kids

With just simple ingredients you can make homemade paint for kid. Just blend 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, add water and a few drops of food coloring and voila you have your own toxic free paint.

make colors from salt

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9 Make your own all-natural air freshener

Take ½ to 1 cup of salt. Add 20-3-drops of an essential oil such as lavender or you can even add rose petals. Arrange this in a bowl and enjoy a fresh odor free home. You can even use a large orange peel as a natural bowl.

Salt natural air freshener

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10 Put out kitchen fires quickly

Perhaps one of the best uses of salt is to put out a fire. If you have a grease fire going in your kitchen and it seems to go out of control, then pour salt on it and that will cut off the oxygen flow. The flame will be smothered and go out. Always keep your container of salt close to where you cook especially when it involves grease.

stop kitchne fir using salt

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