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10 Ways To Know A Woman's Personality Without Asking Her

By Jyoti Galada, 9 March 2018


If you are a man who says that a woman gives the most unexpected reply for obvious questions, she means exactly the opposite of what she says, she is demanding, she is emotional and knowing her is impossible, then actually it’s not she but you who are confused. Problem is when it comes to knowing a woman men hardly tax their brains. Mystery surrounding a woman can be solved only by an attentive and observant man with a little common sense. Just by knowing a woman’s personality that includes her daily habits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, weakness and strengths on a deeper level will help you know her character. Accordingly you can decide your behavior and action pattern.

Shannon Hale in her book, ‘Book of a Thousand Days’, mentions “Mama used to say, you have to know someone a thousand days before you can glimpse her soul”.

1Her Values

Every person leads their lives on a set of values. These values are related to finance, family, religion, lifestyle and principals. Pay attention to her actions and not words to help you understand what kind of a person she is. If she values superficial things in life like wealth and fame then she may not stick with you comfortably during the rough patches in your life but if she values simple living, honesty and trust then she will preserve you despite all ups and downs in life. Your values may differ from each other but little compromise from both sides can create a bright future together. 

These values are related to finance

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2Her Organization

If your woman makes plans and sticks to it, is against surprises, keeps everything neat and well placed, then she is an organized woman more in control of her thinking and less stressed. She will be optimistic, goal oriented, disciplined, showing a preference for planned activities than spontaneous ones, productive, perfectionist, decision maker, committed and will have do-it-now attitude. This does not mean less organized woman lack in positive qualities. They are creative, love surprises, liberal, do not like to follow rules and are fun to be with.

 Organization skills of woman

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3Her Stress


Life is not a bed of roses. The best time to understand a woman’s inner beauty is during adversities and the way she handles them. Does she shrug her shoulder, cries, shouts, yells, gets violent or complains to her family and friends seeking a sympathetic reaction from them then it is very difficult for her to adjust to adversities. But a strong woman will understand the issue, find solutions, work towards them and not play any blame game. All handle major stress in different ways. What is important to notice is the way she handles minor stress that can be remedied easily. 

stressed girl

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