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Twelve Signs Your Unusual Love Story Could Be an Intimate One

By Kavita Panyam, 25 October 2017


Love stories evoke warmth in the heart and hope in the mind. Everyone seeks a perfect love story that follows the usual trend of wooing/courtship and eventually, the wedding. But did you know that there are some love stories that do not seem warm, are distant and yet manage to form a bond? Yes, you read that right. There are people caught in unusual love stories that may appear cold from outside but can be warm and cozy otherwise.

Does Your Love Story Have These Ingredients?

1Does this person seem distant but ready to help you at pressing times?

If you’ve answered a yes to this question, take heart that all is not lost. Though this person may not like to remain in constant touch, the very fact that he makes an effort to help whenever you approach him tells a lot about what he may feel for you. Why would a man that does not feel anything bother to help you at all? It would be best for you to wait and watch as to how the story unfolds instead of calling it quits too soon.

2Does this person see your texts but not always respond?

If this is your situation right now, do not panic. The two blue ticks that go unanswered or the message delivery report that is not met with a response do not announce his intentions. He may be genuinely busy or may not be ready to discuss any potential relationship questions right now. You should get busy in your life and not wait for the responses as if your very life depended on it. Remember, people are attracted to confidence rather than mere declarations. Find something to do, learn a new skill, just do anything that can further your skillsets. It is when you wait endlessly that you get frustrated and anger seeps in. One must always have a full life other than the one envisaged with a partner. 

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3Does this person talk to you rudely?


If the answer is yes, then you have got to believe that there must be some underlying reason to this behavior. It is quite possible that he is just trying to control his mind and does not feel comfortable with the intensity of his emotions at present. Maybe it is coming in the way of his work or other activities. If he is otherwise helpful and attentive when required, then do give him the space he wants, to work things out for himself. You would just have to wait and watch his moves before coming to any conclusion.

4Does this person oscillate between feelings of love and no-emotions?

If you find this person to be loving one moment and distant in the next, hold onto your emotions and wait before judging him. It is likely that he is caught in some mess at work or at home. There could be a possibility of him trying to foresee an equation between the two of you with regards to your future. If a person is unsure of himself or of the other person, it is quite likely for him to oscillate between the two extremes. Should this happen, allow some time to go by before taking any decision. Matters of the heart need proper scrutiny and thinking. 

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