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15 Unpopular Opinions About Relationships That Are Actually 100% True

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 24 June 2018


Relationships are complicated and all of us have different opinions about a particular relation. There is no denying the fact that one’s views are formed on the basis of some factors, such as their upbringing, background and experiences that they have had in life. You might find something quite strange or odd but to other person, it may seem pretty common.

A Twitter user Royce Tyler asked people to share their unpopular opinions on relationships.

Shortly his tweet was flooded with responses and people shared their personal opinion over relationships. They might vary with your viewpoint but as they say, no particular statement can define a relationship as it’s among the most complex things of the world.

1You might even have to tell a lie to please her

There are times when your girlfriend is wrong but she might not accept it or may feel bad if you make her realize this. Hence, you may choose to hide the truth and tell a lie by saying that she is right. Undoubtedly, you do it because you don’t want to hurt her; however, this should be done in a limit otherwise you might be left with nothing other than to repent later for this.

lie to please her

2Why should men pay the bill alone?

It’s a general perception that all money-related responsibilities are on the shoulders of men and they are expected to pay the bill no matter wherever the couple goes, be it shopping, dinner, movie tickets and so on. Well, when women talk about the right of equality, it is their duty to contribute to the bill as well and pay half of the amount.

pay the bill alone


3Give freedom and space


According to one Twitter user, if your partner wants to date some other guy or girl, you should allow them and not interfere in between. It’s very important in a relationship to show trust on your partner and if he/she loves you, one date won’t be able to affect your relationship at all.

Give freedom and space


4Don’t involve your friends

A fight or an argument that takes place between a couple should not be made public as people would eventually make fun of you and your partner. If you both had a fight, discuss the issue and come to a solution mutually but don’t go to your friends for advice. They might unintentionally tell others about it too and ultimately you and your partner will become an object of mockery.

Involve your friends


5You have got nothing to do with my past

According to a Twitter user, a person can have had multiple affairs before being in a relationship with the current partner. However, it should not be a factor to determine one’s feelings and character. What had happened is the past and has got nothing to do with your current partner.

nothing to do with my past



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