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The unexpected reason why people actually fall in love

By Afsana Khatoon, 10 September 2017


Love and romance has existed in some form or the other since the beginning of time and has often originated from the most unlikeliest of places and in the most unexpected situations.

1Love amidst Violence

Everything in life is built on what precedes. They can be a result of an 'opposite reaction' or a form of 'change'. Ackerman has pointed out that science of love and its origins has concentrated largely on the negative aspects of life, underestimating the most astonishing marvels of all, which is 'Love'. Humans have done innumerable researches on events and negative concepts like that of war, power, politics, prejudices, evil and hatred. All these have interested scientists and sociologists in general. But, what they miss is the fact that the absence of love is what has caused such negativities. All things that are perceived to be filled with suspense and thrill, it is the mystery of love that surpasses all.

love and war

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Leo Tolstoy's novel 'War & Peace', which is one of the greatest historical and literary works, associated with clever strategic thinking, emphasises consistently, the meaninglessness and irrationality that drives human behaviour in war and peace. What rejuvenates the novel and the lives of the main characters, is love between Mary & Nicholas and Natasha & Pierre. It is totally unexpected by the readers but strongly proves to be a mysterious and powerful force that motivates human lives.

War and peace

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