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4 Tips to Have the Perfect Vacation

By AK, 20 June


Brian spent 7 years as a Real Estate Executive, closing deals, charting new frontiers and fulfilling everyone's dreams of having beautiful homes.

During the 7th year, his performance dropped no more exceptional deals and low productivity. His Doctor advised him to take some time off or "they'd be burying him on the next land he will sell"

Maybe you aren’t selling real estate but you need some time off work. What better way to do that than to take a vacation and vacations are meant to be enjoyed to the best of it.

Here are 5 tips to help Brian and you to maximize vacations and come back the top of the game.

1Make plans

The first step to having a perfect vacation is by planning it. Do you want to be alone or in a group? Travel or not? Which location? Budget?

Then you can look up holiday planning sites to check on their packages. You need to be as comfortable as possible so you should make the best plans.

That's easy to do if you'd consult a holiday planner. They can help you look through your options and give you the best for your budget. Who knows, you may end up booking the villa rentals services. What is worth doing is worth doing well.

2Take mind off from work

In other words, you need to take your mind totally off paperwork and official duties. They'd be there when you come back and nothing will still go wrong while you are away.

So let your mind is where your body is. If your body is in Hawaii, don't let your mind be in New York sorting through desktop files.

Making the best of any moment comes from putting your mind to it and doing it. So think of beaches and summer, sand and music.

3Be open to new things


Taking a vacation to a location means you'd meet new people, a different cuisine, cultures and lifestyle. Free your mind, try something spontaneous. What about taking a dance class in the location or learning a new cuisine. You can try out something you've never done before. Something exciting to get the Adrenalines is running again.

Watch your eyes light up with expectation and excitement, and the interesting memories it will leave you with. Perish the thought of perfecting it then. You are on a vacation not on training. So make mistakes, laugh over it, have fun and glow.

4 Be conscious of every moment

Your vacation isn't going to be perfect, enjoy it anyway. You may forget you mp3 while packing, learn new songs in your location. Don't let anything dampen the excitement.

Don’t expect perfection, but happiness is perfect. So seek happiness in the times you will spend there. Take pictures and make lots of videos, but don't let technology steal great moments away.

You may meet people with a lot of baggage and they may get on your nerves. Shake it off. Be conscious of every moment, enjoy, cherish and remember them.

So who is ready for a super lovely day on the beach?


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