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15 Bizarre Things People Do When Their Mind Wanders Constantly

By Kavita Panyam, 14 November 2017


Being focused is a very important quality that is needed to excel in all areas of life. As much as one likes to believe that he has it all within control, there are times when the mind just slips away on a different kind of adventure, running through the various phases of life, stopping at some important events, cogitating and resuming the journey till it is caged again. Now, when the mind if off on its joy trip, you cannot stop what you are doing and need to put in all your efforts to try and concentrate on what you are doing. It is during these times that you end up doing bizarre things. We bring you a list of stuff that can happen when the mind globe trots.

1Co-relate different thoughts

You are getting ready for work and happen to look out your window and spot beautiful birds chirping away. You begin to wonder about how nice it would be to go on a long drive right now given the beautiful weather. The image of a waterfall clouds your mind and you imagine bathing under it. You find some couples talking romantically and your mind goes to your girlfriend who is not on talking terms with you. You then think of ways of getting her to talk to you again. The waterfall, scenery is now a thing of the past as you are now busy making plans to get her back. In all this, time has gone by and suddenly you snap out of it to find yourself rushing out of the main door with a half-eaten sandwich dangling dangerously from your already full mouth that can hold no more food. Yes, you are late for work.

Co-relate different thoughts

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2Dangerous Driving

So, you get into your car and want to make it to work before the boss is hopping mad at you. The gears move automatically as if conditioned and you are on your way driving in a frenzy. But wait, you just missed a turn and realize this much later. How on earth could this happen? You take the same route every single day. You knew you had to take that turn just before you reached, then how did you end up missing it? Blame it on the wandering mind. It can take off anytime from anywhere. One needs to be careful as this can lead to accidents as well.

Dangerous Driving

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3Cast Yourself in Your most cherished films


You are sitting in the bus and your stop is just a few turns away. Suddenly you spot a banner of your favourite movie. In a jiffy, you are transported to dreamland where you are busy playing the role of the hero in those movies. You get so engrossed in getting the dialogues and expressions right that you forget where you are and land up at some other stop. Your stop has gone long back. The wonders of the wandering mind can be funny.

sitting in bus

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