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Things Happy Couples Do And If You Do Them To, You’re In The Right Relationship

By Christopher Paul, 19 July 2019


Relations are easy to start but hard to continue. Good relationships are harder to start and even harder to keep. This is the reason why so many relationships end prematurely. The couple just doesn’t want to keep trying or adjusting.

One big question that comes up during a relationship is whether or not the person you’re with is the right one for you. Not knowing this answer builds insecurity between the couple. But, luckily for us, there are many signs to look for to find out if the person you’re with is right for you or not. These signs will help put your heart at ease.

1Travel together

Life is incomplete without traveling. The world is a beautiful place and there are many things to experience. And who better to travel with than your beau? Most couples vacation in places that they both like. Sometimes you may have to compromise and go somewhere your partner wants and then they’ll do the same for you. Traveling with your partner is the best.

2Making time for each other

Nowadays everyone is busy with work. Everyone is focused on their career, so, naturally, they will have less time for relationships. However, if you are in a relationship and you love your partner, it is important to make time for them. Simple gestures like cooking dinner for them or making a reservation at a nice restaurant can show that despite being busy, you think about them.

3Giving each other space


While it is important to make time for your partner, it is also important that you give them their space. Sometimes, even people in love break up because they cannot maintain boundaries. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean the end of personal freedom. Just as couples should spend time together, they should also spend time with their own friends and families.

4Having your own life

The natural result of giving space is having one’s own life. We all have a life before and after a relationship. You shouldn’t forget your friends and family after getting into a relationship. Happy couples are happy together because they have their own lives and work and families and friends that they don’t ignore because they are too absorbed in their relationship.

5Share hobbies

One of the best ways to spend time with your partner is to share a hobby or two. Whether it is watching movies or gardening or cooking, you can spend some quality time with your beau doing these things together. A good idea is to start playing a sport together. This will ensure you stay healthy and you can spend time with your partner.

6Sharing chores


Most happy couples who live together deal with the nightmare of chores together. They divide the chores. This is just part of being an adult but having your partner beside you doing the same boring thing can motivate you. It may even not be boring because you’ll have one another to talk to.

7Support each other

Successful couples always seek each other’s advice on everything. They truly value their partner’s advice and their partner knows them fully so they give advice based on their love and knowledge of the other person. Partners should always support their loved ones’ dreams and aspirations and motivate them and cheer them on.

8Immense trust

The difference between a happy couple and a sad one is the presence of trust. A relationship can truly flourish if there is complete trust. In many cases, partners are paranoid when they see their spouse talking to a person of the opposite sex. There should be trust between the two people that they love each other only and they will not cheat.

9Throw jealousy out


Most happy and successful couples you will meet will tell you one thing – there is no place for jealousy in a loving relationship. When you are with someone and you know they are the one for you and you can’t find anyone more perfect than them, then there is no room for anyone else. When you are sure that they are the one for you, there is no room for jealousy.

10Small gestures of love

Small gestures that show your partner that you love them and care about them can mean the difference between a successful relationship and an unsuccessful one. Everyone wants to feel special and everyone wants to be surprised once in a while. Getting your beau a flower or a small gift or doing something for them doesn’t take much effort but it means a lot.

11Growing as people

Being in a relationship changes us. If you are with someone who doesn’t accept you for who you are and wants to change you completely, leave them. But if your partner is trying to help you improve and become a better person and work on your faults, you should try to do it. Growing as a person is important and when in a relationship, both people make each other better people.

12Eating together


If you are in a relationship, it is not possible to send all your time with your partner. Everyone has their own life and work. But try to eat at least one meal together in a day. Eating together gives you time to spend together and you talk about your day and it enhances intimacy. And while eating, talk to each other. Do not scroll through your phone or answer work emails.

13Say “I love you”

You may find it annoying and cheesy when you see couples saying “I love you” a lot. But for them, they mean it. It is a good thing to say this to your partner because it reminds them that you love them. Expressing yourself is important. Most couples say this without even thinking that it sounds cheesy. Something that their partner did just made them want to say it.

14Every couple fights

It is a misconception that happy couples don’t fight. In fact, if you don’t fight it means you are faking your emotions or hiding things because it is never possible or two humans to have the same views on everything. Fighting is a sign that you care enough to share your opinion with your partner and tell them why you think you are right.

15Never end the day being angry with each other


Couples fight a lot. Even happy couples fight. But they never go to bed while being angry with each other. Either they will end the fight or they will pause the fight and hug and kiss goodnight and sleep and then carry on the fight the next day.


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