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15 Success Stories of Successful People Who Were Once a Failure

By Bincy Joseph, 28 June 2018

Success is a small even letter word but there is a lot of hard work that is required to taste the fruit of success. Success does not come in a complete package with golden paper, but you have to persevere for it with full loyalty and honesty. There are many examples in the world who started off as a failure but thrived to accomplish their dreams proving that the power of time should never be underestimated. Here are the stories of few such successful people who proved that today’s failure is a failure for today and should not affect tomorrow’s success.

1Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a well-established name today in the music industry but have you ever thought about the struggle that she faced during the start of her career? She was just 11 when she struggled in Nashville to get a record label. She used to make her karaoke Cd’s and used to hand it over to music label receptionists so that she could get a chance to display her talent.

Taylor Swift

Image Source: indianexpress.com

2Harland David Sanders

You might not be knowing the name of this man by his original man, but you will remember him as soon as you hear the word KFC. Yes, we are talking about the owner of the KFC brand Harland who had to struggle to make his secret chicken recipe known to the world. He was rejected a thousand times, but he continued to try and achieved a big name in the restaurant world.

Harland David Sanders

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3Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz is a famous cartoonist who has ruled the minds of the children by his comic strip “peanuts.” He was not a man born with the golden spoon, and he was rejected a lot many times and was unable to get his cartoon stories published during his start of career until Walt Disney appointed him.

Charles Schultz

Image Source: schulzmuseum.org

4Akio Morita

Akio Morita is the founder of the brand “Sony.” He started off as a fresher and manufactured a cooker that was a complete failure as it used to burn the food rather than cooking it. He faced a lot of rejection and mockery from the world, but he kept trying and finally made his million dollar brand which is a name that the whole world knows at present.

Akio Morita

Image Source: youtube.com

5Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is another well-established name in the music industry and has a lot many awards and laurels to be added to her kitty. She switched to the music label Def Jam Recording from Tisch School of Arts in the New York, but all this turned out in vain. She had to start all over again as she was there in Def’s only for three months and thus had to start her career from the very first point again.

Lady Gaga

Image Source: www.officialcharts.com

6Walt Disney

Walt Disney, we just mentioned his name as a person who gave a job to Charles Schultz realizing his talent of being a cartoonist. This man was a failure himself once upon a time, but he never believed in quitting. Walt Disney is a big brand name in the animation world but was fired by his editor and was told that he didn’t possess any imaginative skills. She took these words as a challenge and became a name that the world knows and will continue to know in the future as well.

Walt Disney

Image Source: www.biography.com

7 Emily Dickinson

The author and poetess Emily Dickinson didn’t reach at the top from the very start; she also had to face rejections and mockeries as others to reach the point of success. She was not able to bound her audience by her beautiful poetries in the early days of her career but finally managed to cope all the storms and got her books published to define her success.

Emily Dickinson

Image Source: poetryfoundation.org

8Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a name that Science will not forget for years and will continue to be a name in history forever. The man who we remember as a great scientist and a noble prize winner could not even speak at the age of four. But as it is said great men never back off, this is what this great man did and discovered many new theories that made get a title as a “genius.” He didn't get this title as a gift, but due to the exemplary work, he did despite all the failures and struggles.

Albert Einstein

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9Stephen Spielberg

This famous filmmaker was once rejected by the southern California university continuously for three times for a shot in the school of theatre. But he didn’t give up and continued to try and entered into the directing field and was also awarded an honorary degree in the year 1994 for his flawless work.

Stephen Spielberg

Image Source: indianexpress.com

10JK Rowling

JK Rowling, the name is enough to cast magical spells on your mind. Yes, we are talking about the author of the famous book Harry Potter. We very well know that how famous this author is and how she managed to become the first billion-dollar author after all her Harry Potter series. But this renowned author was a divorcee and really struggled as a mother to manage the basic necessities of living.

JK Rowling

Image Source: express.co.uk

11Stephen King

Stephen King is another author who had to struggle to make his name well known in the author world. Horror and suspense is the niche of this famous American author who once struggled to get into this position. He now stands amongst the top 19 authors of the world, and all his books are bestsellers of all times.

Stephen King

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12Vincent van Gogh

This man has an unfortunate story, he thrived as a painter in his whole life but never gained recognition by the world. His paintings cost a million dollar today, but when he was alive, he struggled a lot and was only able to see a single painting of him being sold.

Vincent van Gogh

Image Source: www.artble.com

13Thomas Edison

“Bulb,” the invention of Thomas Edison gave light to the whole world at times of darkness. But it is hard to believe that this scientist also faced many failures and was also called as a stupid fellow by his teacher. Despite being called as incapable to learn, this man never lost hope and continued to take all this in a positive direction and invented the electric bulb which will make him remembered for years.

Thomas Edison

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14Soichiro Honda

Honda is a well-known name in the automobile industry, but the man behind this name Soichiro Honda faced failures during the start of his career. He failed to grab a job in Toyota company, but he didn’t quit and started making his own scooters. He stands in the million-dollar club and his brand Honda is now a competitor of the Toyota company where he once went in search of a job.

Soichiro Honda

Image Source: succeedfeed.com

15Elvis Presley

This rock star the king of rock and roll was once told that he should go back and resume his job as a truck driver rather than entering into the music field. These words are enough to demotivate a person, but as an individual, he kept on trying without losing hope and became what he is today.

Elvis Presley

Image Source: popculture.com