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15 Sure Signs To Prove You Have Found The Ideal Woman


Till now you may have read several articles on how to know if he is the right guy for you, articles on your compatibility with your partner and the like. But here comes one for the guys. When you meet who you think maybe the girl of your life, how do you know what’s in the heart and mind of a stranger? IS she in love with you or just stringing you along? IS she sincere with you? All of these questions undoubtedly play in your mind. Well!! To answer your doubts, here are 15 signs to throw light on her actions and show that she is the perfect woman for you.

1She shows you respect you in front of her friends

She may tease or mock you behind closed doors which one shouldn’t read much into but when in public, she behaves differently. Especially in front of your friends, she respects you and realizes that no man would like to be made fun of in public. She knows that with her respect, others too will respect you. 

She shows you respect

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2She doesn't flirt

If there is one thing a man dislikes, it’s his woman flirting especially with a more attractive man. Well, the feeling is mutual for both and this is where partners should reciprocate in turn. If she loves you she will never make you feel bad in such ways as it would be impossible for her to get you out of her mind. As long as you too love and care for her, she wouldn’t ever need anyone else. 

Flirting woman

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3She is not self entitled

There are men and women who are self entitled. These are people who believe that the universe revolves around them and display arrogant and egoistic behavior. You know she is good for you when she is down to earth at all times. No person likes a partner who feels that the world owes them. 

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4She gives you space

That’s very important in relationships. When she gives you your space to relax with your friends and do your own thing (not with other women of course), then you’ve got hold of Ms right. Many people are clingy and while in the initial stages of courtship don’t display such tendencies, later on it shows. That’s when problems start. 

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5Your friends like her

This is one of the main signs that she is the perfect girl for you. When your friends approve of her, it means that they recognize her positive personality traits. You of course may be oblivious of such things in the initial days of courtship, but your friends are not dazzled and can judge her better. They will of course warn you of red flags having your best interests at heart. If they like her, she is the one. 

Your friends like her

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6She takes care of herself

Men love an independent woman who they too can depend on in times of trouble, emotional stress and need. Moreover, she is not a person who needs your money and doesn’t really love you for your financial value. When she offers to split bills and even gives you gifts, it means she is really into you and that’s when you should never let a gem like her go. 

She takes care of herself

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7She gives you gifts

Well, this may be a materialistic viewpoint but it should be seen from a healthy perspective. Regardless of the value, it may be a pair of socks or an expensive ring, the thought counts here and the fact that she wants to give you gifts shows how much she appreciates and values you. These are the ways of showing her appreciation. This is also a sign that she isn’t a gold digger. 

She gives you gifts

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8She doesn’t hide anything

Every healthy relationship is built upon honesty and trust. A woman who has nothing to hide where her Facebook and Instagram posts are open for you to see, where you can even take a look into her past, speaks a lot about her sincerity and how much she is into you. 

She doesn’t hide anything

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9She won’t depend on you for the relationship

Sounds odd right but get this! If you somehow leave her, she isn’t going to be obsessive and stalk you or constantly message you to get back together. This means she thinks of your well being and makes a positive contribution to it. 


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10She is not averse explore her own fetishes

A Healthy relationship involves a healthy bedroom relationship too. As an independent woman she isn’t afraid to explore fetishes and fantasies and make you part of them. As long as these aren’t bizarre, degrading, inhuman and within boundaries of acceptable behavior, then they can be enjoyable for both of you. And the fact that she is into it means you have the perfect woman for you. 

Whispering something in ears

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This is by far one of the most important requirements of a relationship. If she is compatible with you, fits into your lifestyle, your behavior and personality traits, if she too has matching goals, then she is the ideal partner for you. When she does the same things as you and has the same likes and dislikes, then you both are a compatible pair.

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12A fine line

You know she is the right woman for you when she knows where to draw the line between choking you with her presence and sending subtle reminders about herself now and then. Moreover, when you experience a serotonin surge in your body each time she messages you, then that’s your ideal woman. 

A fine line

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13She likes being bold

The perfect woman doesn’t shy away from voicing her own opinions if they are in conflict with others or yours. She is confident and wants you to accept you for who she is. She doesn’t want to be made into a puppet. Such a woman is hard to get so don’t let her go.

 She likes being bold

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14She will never test you beyond limits

There are some obsessive women who derive a sinister pleasure in testing their men beyond acceptable limits. When she knows you love her, she will always cut you slack and allow you to behave like a human being who makes mistakes now and then. Even if you don’t match up to her expectations at times, she will never hold it against you as she knows nobody is perfect.

 She will never test you beyond limits

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15She likes making ample eye contact

This is definitely a sign she really loves you which is why she loves making eye contact with you. If an unseen camera or a third party observed her, it would be easily made out that she loves admiring you. 

She likes making ample eye contact

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