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10 Obvious Signs That Your Man Has Stopped Loving You


It is widely regarded that a man expresses his love in three ways. He declares in public that he loves you (in today’s world social media of course), he protects you and he takes care of you. But!! Is that entirely right? A man can do all of those things and still not love you because he may be doing it out of compulsion or to throw you off guard. It’s only when he takes a delight in doing such things and displays genuine expressions of happiness doing so that you can well and truly say that a man loves you. Here are 10 warning signs that a man’s feelings of love have mellowed or isn’t there at all. Although relationships aren’t meant to be broken, sometimes you need some introspection as to what’s good for your life.

1How he criticizes your appearance when he loves you

“A person will like everything, even the flaws, of their beloved, but will be annoyed at the perfection of those whom he does not love.” That was the great poet Omar Khayyam. A man who loves you will always find you beautiful even when your hair is messy which he may find cute. He may genuinely tell you not to wear a certain dress or the way your hair looks best. This is because he knows what you look beautiful in and it’s his love for you that makes him want you to look beautiful at all times. He may not even notice if you have gained a bit of fat on your tummy unless you don’t mention it yourself. 

Gaining weight

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How he criticizes your appearance when he doesn’t love you

A man who constantly criticizes your appearance and tells you, your looks aren’t good or that you need plastic surgery isn’t doing so because he is genuine about it. If he keeps insisting you go to the gym, then stop indulging these comments as he isn’t doing it because of your appearance. He is doing so because of you and just wants to find fault with you so even if you do lose weight, he won’t admit it but find more faults in you. 

How he criticizes your appearance

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2When he discusses your faults and shortcomings with friends

This is a big no in any relationship and although women indulge in it with their besties, men don’t usually speak of such things even to their friends. Nobody’s perfect and a person who loves you won’t exactly focus on your shortcomings and flaws but your positive points. That’s what keeps a relationship together.

If your partner is constantly humiliating you in get-togethers, among family and friends, if he keeps poking fun at your flaws and failures, then its time you took notice and stop expecting anything further from this relationship. This is a clear sign of a disrespectful partner because by humiliating you in public he is trying to make out that the decline in his feelings and love for you is your fault. 

Public humiliation

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3How he reacts towards your habits

Men usually have habits like leaving their clothes and socks lying around, but women love spending hours in the bathroom talking on the phone. We, women, love chatting, we also love stuffing our wardrobes with as many knick-knacks and clothes as possible. We like eating out of our partner’s plates and sing all day long because these are the things that keep us happy. A man who loves you will have a positive attitude towards such characteristics and may even love it. He may humor such habits and playfully tease you about it and keep silent.

How he reacts towards your habits

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How he reacts when he doesn’t love you

A man who doesn’t love you will scrutiny every little thing you do. He will continue passing negative comments and insults about your behavior and even get irritated by it. This is a big red flag in the relationship. 

Man irritated on girl friend

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4How attentive is he to your stories

Research has proved that men pay attention to a woman’s talking for only 6 minutes. This is why you should keep your conversations short. However, I don’t really think this is the case because a loving partner will love being in your presence. If sitting next to you and hearing your rant gives him more time with you, then he will listen to you. A man who loves you will always give you the attention you deserve. On the other hand, there are men who may love you but wouldn’t find such girl talk interesting so it’s healthy to make a good friend whom you could gossip with about Celebes, shopping, fashion etc.

 Couple talking

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If he doesn’t love you

If he doesn’t love you, he will constantly attempt to change the topic or ask you to stop disturbing him as he is doing something important. He may act busy or pretend he has something important to do and will run away from you whenever you try to talk or make conversation. In short, he just doesn’t find you interesting enough to speak to. Moreover, he cares little for your concerns and worries and will definitely not want to discuss relationship issues with you. 

Not discussing with partner

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5How he reacts to your emotions

Some men dislike women crying. Research offered an explanation saying that female tears consist of volatile substances that decrease testosterone in men’s blood and that decreases desire.

Although you should use tears to get what you want, a loving partner will never feel the way science has explained, so science be damned. When you are genuinely sad and crying, a loving partner will console you and love putting their arms around you to treat you like a baby. He will offer his shoulder to cry on because that’s what love is all about. Even if your tears are trivial, he will smile, and try to make you laugh about what you are crying about.

Consoling your partner

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When he doesn’t love you

But!! If he doesn’t love you, he would care two hoots about the reason you cry and may tell you to stop acting like an immature person. He may even get irritated and insinuate how you cry about everything. In fact, crying is another reason to be angry at you.

Crying woman

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Did you know that harmless flirting is good for relationships? This is a great way to break monotony and dull routines of everyday life. It can actually spice up a healthy relationship and make your partner find you more alluring by indulging in texting, chatting, sending teasing photos. This rekindles the feelings and emotions of the early days of the relationship. On a naughtier level, speaking about fantasies and fetishes certainly, do light up the fire in the bedroom. This, of course, has to be a two-way street where both respond in kind. 

Woman taking selfie

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If he doesn’t love you

However, after sending erotic selfies and teasing hot photos, your partner displays no reaction and makes no mention of it, then something is certainly wrong. Either stop this immediately or start analyzing what could be going wrong in the relationship. 

Couple in bed

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7How he responds to your requests

A man who loves you will always cater to your requests regardless of how small and trivial they may be. Men love helping women because it gives them an opportunity to show their love in responsible ways. There are men who don’t usually show signs of love because they may feel awkward (yes!! There are men like that) but when they can respond in material ways, they will jump at the opportunity. He may look after you when you are sick or bring you small gifts. He will make sure he takes care of the house maintenance so that you don’t have a problem with leaky faucets or a damaged phone. 

House cleaning with partner

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When he doesn’t love you

He simply won’t bother, that’s it. Small requests like a fan isn’t working are met with a scowl that he is too busy and you should arrange for its replacement yourself. Small tasks are unbearable and this is when you definitely need to make a decision because it may so happen that your man is helping another woman and catering to her needs instead. 

Not helping partner

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Even animals are jealous and humans even more so. Men are highly jealous just as women are. Even though a man may love you, he might feel intimidated by your male colleague paying you more attention. Jealousy to a certain extent is natural and it only means your man loves you and wouldn’t want to lose you. Jealousy to the point of obsession, dominance, and abuse isn’t healthy. 


Jealous partner

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When there is no love, there is no jealousy

On the other hand, if your man doesn’t flinch when he sees men surrounding you at parties or social events, if he couldn’t care less at that phone call from a male colleague, then it means he doesn’t find you interesting at all. He no longer wishes to fight for you as his desire for you is not there anymore. 

No jealousy

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9How he protects you

A man who loves you will always be at your side. He will always be concerned when you have to go too far of places for work. He may call on you to check if you’re ok and if you need help. If you work late, he may offer to pick you up. A loving man is always concerned about your period!! He is your superhero after all. 

Superhero husband

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If he doesn’t love, you are always alone

A man who doesn’t love won’t even bother if haven’t even returned from work at your usual time. If your man shows no concern that you are being bullied or yelled at by superiors at work, then either he is a coward or he just doesn’t care anymore. Do you really need such a man?

Scared girl in night

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10Expressing feelings and being gentle

A loving relationship thrives on displays of emotions, touches, stares, and togetherness. Even if you have a man who is nerdy enough not to be able to say words like “darling” “sweetheart” “Pumpkin” “”sugar” etc, he will do things to show he loves you in his own subtle ways. The biggest way is to always be there for you which of course is prevalent at all times in any loving relationship and whether he is awkward or not, intimacy is a natural expression of love. Mind you, in general, men also love the gooey stuff in bed where there are no prying eyes. They like being cuddled and pampered too. 

Expressing feelings and being gentle

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But when he doesn’t love you

On the other hand, the biggest danger is when your man doesn’t want such displays of affection from you. Intimacy may be just a physical act to satisfy his physical urges and when that too stops, you need to stand up and take notice because he could be getting satisfied elsewhere. 

When he doesn't love

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