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Secrets Behind The People Who Laugh In Pain

By Jyoti Galada, 21 February 2018


Pain is not funny. And people laugh when they are happy. But suffering is a part of life and those who have been through prolonged sufferings have understood this well. They are people who have learned to laugh in pain and use humor to conceal, tackle and live with their pain. Instead of giving away to their depressions they choose laughing as the most effective and addictive drug to feel better. Because laughter creates social bonds, reduces pain and anxiety, increases well being and is contagious. People who laugh in pain are true winners in life despite all the mental, emotional or physical sufferings they are or have gone through. This laughter is the outcome of many secret qualities which they possess.

1They Are Strong

People who laugh in pain are strong within for they have gone through or are going through suffering that is testing their tolerance, patience and ability to bear daily. They fight each day with their pain and are finding new ways to deal with it. This helps them to gain inner strength and discover new skills and abilities they never knew they possessed. As an old saying goes, ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger’. They are not the ones who run away from problems but face them.

people who laugh in pain

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2They Enjoy Small Things In Life

They have realized that the small pleasures in life are often more satisfying than the bigger ones. Many times pain paralyzes people to carry their day to day activities or enjoy life. So people who laugh in pain whenever feel better find pleasure in small things of life. The pleasure of cooking, solitary walks, playing with children, breathing fresh air, feeling the grass between toes, getting lost in good book, watching the birds chirp and winds sway the trees or just having a good peaceful sleep. The very feeling that they are here right now breathing, thinking and doing makes them happy.

Enjoy Small Things In Life

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3They Are Good Friends


Good friends are people who understand you, stand by you in times of adversities and are helpful when you need them. They can make you laugh and help you grow as a person. Who can be a better friend than a person who has dealt with pain and come out of it successfully. A person who can laugh in pain will not hurt your feelings as he knows what hurt is, will understand your problems as he has seen suffering, will make you laugh as he understands the importance of laughter in life and will help you grow internally for he has turned his wounds into wisdom.

Good Friends

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