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15 Psychological Facts You Might Not Have Known About Yourself

By Christopher Paul, 21 June 2018


Have you ever noticed you do quite a few things on instinct? One moment you were faced with a decision to make and the very next seconds you had a solution and it’s something you’ve done time and time again? Why do we do this?

There are many things we do subconsciously and have been doing for years. We don’t really pay much attention to them or think about it but there are people who do. Behavioral researchers have noted things we all do without thinking or it being our first reaction and have found explanations to them.

1We Do Things Subconsciously?


Yes and the list of those things is a bit long. As we grow up we develop certain quirks or things we do in particular situations. For example some of us bit our lower lips when in stressful situations or while concentrating very hard.

We Do Things Subconsciously?

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2Why is this important?


So, you bite your lip every time you are nervous or stressed out or your leg vibrates when you get anxious. Why do we need to look into this? We don’t, as normal people we don’t have to look into anything that isn’t of our immediate importance but science does. Scientists have spent years in understanding the human body and mind. These things are important to science and it is always fun to read something new.

Why is this important?

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3What Are We Reading About Today?


Today we’re going to read about a few things we all do, things we actually do so often that they have become a sort of unwritten rules in society. Things like what? Turning down the volume of the sound system while looking for something, keeping a single urinal distance between two occupied ones etc.

unwritten rules in society

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4Why Does Everyone Do It?


It’s not exactly everyone but a majority of us will relate to quite a few of the points listed. But all of us are different so how can we do the same thing? Yes, we all are different and we all do things differently but our minds to an extent do work in the same way and there are things most of us do the same way. Some of those things might happen due to the situation or surroundings calling for it while others might be a general preference thing.

Why Does Everyone Do It?

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5Lowering The Volume Of The Sound System While Driving


Have you ever noticed while driving you tend to lower the volume of the sound system if you are looking for something? This has a valid psychological explanation. According to Dr. Steven Yantis, a professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, when we need to focus our attention on listening, we focus less on gathering visual information.

Therefore, when visual information is more important, we try to remove all background music, so that the brain can focus on seeing what is needed to see.

Lowering The Volume Of The Sound System While Driving

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