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10 Things A Lonely Person Goes Through

By Jyoti Galada, 7 March 2018


4Binge Watching Television

The finding of a research conducted on people ranging from 18 to 26 years found that more lonely and depressed the participants were the more likely they were watching television, using the activity to move away from negative feelings. The fictional drama helps to replace all the drama in lonely people’s lives while they are watching Tv. A great movie raises the dopamine level in any person’s brain that makes one feel better. This happy feeling develops a craving for more Tv in lonely people going through sadness in life. 

Binge Watching Television

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5Wrong Relationships

Lonely people are vulnerable to falling in wrong relationships knowingly. Despite knowing that a relationship with a married or engaged person, premarital or extramarital affairs are unrealistic still they fall for it for it makes them feel better than suffering alone. It may relief them for sometime but when the excitement fades away the consequences and truth of such relationships worsen their condition. 

Wrong Relationships

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6Self Talking


Lonely people do not have any live person to bounce their ideas off, celebrate their success or narrate their day to day events so they talk to themselves as if someone is listening to them. They compliment themselves, encourage themselves to do something, take decisions and make goals all while self-talking. Talking to oneself respectfully not only relieves from loneliness but it also helps to clarify thoughts, makes the person smarter, firm up any contemplating decision and line up important things.  

Self Talking

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