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15 Ideas to Keep Your Marriage Entertaining and Exciting

By Judy Robinson, 9 May 2018

The honeymoon period during a marriage does not last for long as it has a shelf life of its own. However, this does not mean you can’t keep things exciting, which will revive feelings of anticipation and excitement for you and your spouse.

Even though your marriage will have to navigate through rough patches, you can’t take such things lightly. If you and your spouse wish to overcome all problems that may come your way while keeping things exciting and entertaining like at the start of a relationship, here are 15 ideas to consider.

1Appreciate your Partner

After being married for years upon years, it is imperative that you appreciate your partner at all times. Well, these tiny things matter. Knowing your partner appreciate you, gives you the confidence you need to go about your daily life without feeling miserable. There is nothing wrong with becoming familiar with one another, but this can prove quite dangerous. Avoid getting into the same routine and spend time with your spouse to let them know they mean the world to you. This becomes even more of a necessity considering how a majority of men who cheat blame emotional dissatisfaction rather than lack of intimacy for becoming vulnerable to advances from other women.

Appreciate your Partner

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2Thank your Partner for their Efforts

Rather than keeping tabs on who does what, focus on appreciating what your partner does. Thank them for making an effort, and rest assured, it will go a long way. If you focus on all the positive things your partner does, you will encourage them to do so more often. Also, you will feel motivated to do the same in return, which ensures you both stay happy.

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3Be Honest

Remember, a marriage cannot survive without honesty. Regardless of the fact you are ashamed or not, you will need to come out clean; if you value your marriage that is. If you hide things from your spouse, he/she will know, and that is a fact. Eventually, you will not connect with your partner the way you did before, resulting in communication problems - the kind that may even require counseling to get back on track.

Be Honest

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4Look Good

No matter how much you love each other, do whatever is needed to look your absolute best. As shallow as it may seem, think about how you met your partner for the first time. Ask yourself, could you have dressed lousily? Obviously, no. If you take care of your appearance, your spouse will notice and will compliment you. In fact, they may take care of their own appearance to appease you.

Look Good

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5Exercise Together

As mentioned earlier, you and your partner should look good for one another. One way of making this possible is by exercising together. Not only will the two of you look better and bond, but you will be on track for a healthier lifestyle. Remember, being physically fit can improve your physical relationship.

Exercise Together

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6Go Out with Friends

Apart from giving your spouse the attention they need, it is important for you to give other relationships, outside your marriage, equal importance. Go out with your friends whenever you can, to give you a better insight into your marriage. Not only will you have a good time, but the distance can make things more romantic.

Hangout with Friends

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7Choose your Words Wisely

There are certain things you should never ask or tell your spouse, for which reason you will need to choose your words wisely. They love you, but that does not mean you say whatever you want, and not have to deal with the repercussions.

Choose your Words Wisely.

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8Take the Initiative

A lot of problems start because either spouse is not willing to take the initiative. It can be something as simple as washing the dishes. The more you go out of your way to do things, the better the chances of evading unnecessary fights in the long run.

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9Practice Letting Go

No matter how much something your wife has done has riled you, practice letting go. This does not mean you can’t talk about it, but don’t make an issue out of it. If you have a question, put it forward. Once you get an answer, put the issue to rest once and for all.

Practice Letting Go

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10Be Kind

At some point in time during a marriage, you may take advantage of your beloved. This is because you think they love you so you can get away with it. Avoid taking advantage of your partner. Think of ways you can make them feel special. Always be kind to them to be treated like never before.

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11Be Passionate and Intimate

Intimacy just isn’t about sex. With age, your bedroom habits will change too. There will come a time when a walk on the beach ending in a kiss will be a strong aphrodisiac. Avoid defining your marriage as healthy with the amount of sex had. Understand that things change, but that should not make them less fun or exciting.

Walking on the beach.

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12Make Time for Fun

With everyone busy these days, it is important for married couples to take out the time to have fun. Do not let work get in the way between you and your partner. Set boundaries between work and home to avoid getting into a monotonous routine.

Make Time for Fun

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13Enjoy Each Other’s Interests

The goal of a marriage is to enjoy life together. This means you will need to enjoy your spouse’s activities. You may not like what your spouse enjoys but think of it as a way to spend more time with him/her. You will be amazed at how much you will get back in return for taking part in your spouse’s interests.

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14Surprise Each Other

Nothing beats a good old surprise for your better half. Get him/her a gift; something they have wanted for quite some time. It does not always have to be a gift, it could be flowers or something they like to eat. Anything that could take them by surprise and show them they mean the world to you.

Surprise for her.

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15Enjoy Life

Most importantly, remember to enjoy life together. Since life flies by in an instant, focus on spending more time with each other, and create new memories while you are at it.

Enjoy Life

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