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12 Human Body Tricks That Can Make Life Easier For You

By Andrew Alpin, 22 June 2018

One of the most complicated machines to control is the human body. Sometimes we notice our bodies performing in-voluntarily actions like hiccups or sneezing. In many situations, we get caught off guard trying to stifle a sneeze or a bodily action but somehow don’t know how to. That’s when it can be an awkward moment. Who knows we might actually be able to control them? There are a number of ways you can take charge of your body’s actions and manipulate them too. If you want to avoid such awkward situations, here are a few tips to control your body’s involuntary actions.

1 When you want to stifle a sneeze

If you don’t want to sneeze just press the skin on the bridge of your nose with your fingers. If you are about to sneeze, the best way to stop it is by irritating the skin on the bridge of the nose. But if you want to sneeze but can’t do so, then, on the other hand, looking at the bright light can help you sneeze. If these tips don’t work, then try remaining optimistic. The Guinness world record for the highest number of sneezes is 976 which is held by Donna Griffiths of the UK.

When you want to stifle a sneeze

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2Close your ears for better hearing

When you’re in a concert, or you can’t listen to your friend in a club because of the music too loud, pushing the tragus inside the ear while putting the other ear towards your friend’s mouth helps a lot. Singers usually use this technique although it may look like they are fixing the earphone.

Close your ears for better hearing

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3When something worries you, suck your thumb

If you’re under immense pressure or just worried by something, then just suck your finger as it stimulates the vagus nerve that helps in slowing down your heart beat rate and reducing blood pressure. In public places as sucking your thumb can be kind of embarrassing, just close your hand into a fist and blow at it, this also helps.

When something worries you, suck your thumb

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4Press an ice cube to your tongue to stop hiccups

When hiccups start at any situation then people start advising you to pull the tip of your tongue or swallow a sugar cube or even press ice against your tongue. Drinking a glass of water in one breath through a straw with your ears closed by your palms even helps. Drinking water through a glass while bending over a sink is also a remedy. There is a man who survived 68 years with hiccups and still married and had 8 children.

Press an ice cube to your tongue to stop hiccups

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5If you get cramps in the right side of your body while running

All you have to do is exhale when you step on your left foot. When your left side hurts, you can apply the same rule by exhaling while stepping on your right foot and massaging the hurt side. Blood is supplied to the working muscles when you are running. Blood overflows in the spleen and the liver when you don’t warm up and thus you get cramps. This leads to the suppression of the diaphragm.

If you get cramps in the right side of your body while running

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6To wake up faster, hold your breath

Holding your breath increases the speed of the heart rhythm and commands your body to turn on and be in an active state. Overusing it can be harmful as it wakes you up with a serious threat to your heart. As an example, 2 hours before going to bed, it is recommended that men should not do any workout or physical training.

To wake up faster, hold your breath

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7If you’re moody, gnaw on a pencil.

When you hold or gnaw a pencil with your teeth, the muscles that are required for smiling get activated. This sends impulses to your brain, producing endorphins which make you smile normally and automatically.

If you’re moody, gnaw on a pencil.

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8Rosemary activates your super memory

A sprig of rosemary can activate your super memory. The hidden potential of your memory can help you remember something by heart. If you need to do so, then it’s best to do it at night. Lying in bed and smelling rosemary activates this hidden potential which helps you learn what you need to by heart. This method helps you memorize necessary information.

Rosemary activates your super memory

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9When your leg falls asleep, shake your head

One of the most unpleasant feelings is when your arm or leg falls asleep because of lying awkwardly. The cramps literally feel like pins and needle poking you from the inside which is why they are called so. But the only thing to do is wait. Shaking your head during the condition will make your muscles relax and the poking sensation fades within a minute.

When your leg falls asleep, shake your head

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10Pinch your nose if you want to deceive a polygraph

Pinching the tip of your nose and closing it with your fingers helps a lot when your heart is beating fast or when you’re nervous. Once you do that, then closing your ears and exhaling sharply will change the pressure inside your ear. This can also be used during a polygraph test.

Pinch your nose if you want to deceive a polygraph.

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11When you have to go and there is no facility nearby

Sometimes abdominal pain or cramp may induce the feeling of needing to poo badly, but there is a way to divert your body’s attention from the pain. If you have a tab or a television nearby, just watch something interesting, you could also watch anything you find exceedingly interesting enough to shift the focus of your brain, (although a long video is the best choice) you’ll find the pain subsiding giving you enough time to move around and find a facility.

When you have to go and there is no facility nearby

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The same applies to pains from anxiety or stress

It is also a known fact that psychological stress or anxiety triggered by a certain situation can cause your stomach to pain. The same method can apply here where you need to divert your thought process and bodily focus to something else. The trick is to get your mind to fight pain.


Image Source: www.scienceabc.com

12How to deceive your brain and see the world around you as if you entered a parallel universe

Tune your radio to hear “white noise”. This is the fuzzy static sound you hear when there is no reception

Now cut a ping pong ball in two halves and using adhesive tape, stick them to your eyes. Now lie down beside the radio and within 20 minutes you will experience what is known as the Ganzfeld effect.

What is the Ganzfeld Effect?

Sounds and light are interpreted by the brain in a new way creating hallucinations and unusual effects. This is an incredible phenomenon of reality perception that has been widely known although scientists started acknowledging it and researching it only in the 20th century.