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How To Handle A Wife Best Tips Of 2018 Updated

By Jyoti Galada, 10 February 2018


Whether you are newly married or married for years it is mandatory for you as a husband to learn the art of managing your wife for a smooth married life.  Now this art is not taught in any university but is a guided self learning process. And mastering how to manage a wife will bring love, peace and prosperity in your life. As John Florio puts, “A good husband makes a good wife” and a happy wife is a happy life.

1Recognize Her Personality

To manage your wife it is very important to understand the personality of your wife with whom you are and will be living under one roof all your life. Once you understand her nature and character you will consciously guide your own self how to react and behave in day to day life.  No two women are same. Their reactions, likes, dislikes, nature, all differ. One may like to enjoy only with you by her side the other may love to hang around with friends. One may be independent the other submissive. Once you understand your wife in and out you will not find it difficult to manage her.

Recognize Her Personality

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2Make Her Feel Beautiful

Every woman longs to be called beautiful and even strives for the same. Whether a woman is dark or overweight still she has beauty in her. Find her beautiful spots and don’t be miser in praising them. Sound genuine while doing so.  Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes. If you want her to bring in some change in the way she looks or behaves don’t be blunt but smartly put forward your thought. Like “You are looking lovely in this dress but will look gorgeous if you reduce a little”. Or “I have put on weight and I am thinking of exercising. Would you like to join me?”

Make Her Feel Beautiful

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3Compare To Despair


If you wish to manage your wife smoothly never, never, never compare her to any other female in your life. You will immediately sow seeds of jealousy in her. She will make sure that you remain distant from the female with whom you are comparing her and appreciating. All women are unique and skilled in some or the other work. And each woman is beautiful. Just because your expectations are high from her on one front that does not mean you ignore her other skills and make her feel useless.

Compare To Despair

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