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What happened when a wife decided to give her husband a cheating test?

By Apurwa Anand, 19 March 2017


2 What was the reaction of her husband?

When her husband came home, he thoroughly read it and writes something on it, then began to sing and dance while changing his clothes. He took his cell phone and dialled a number of another woman. He told the woman that her wife is not home so he is coming to visit her. He also said that, it was his mistake to marry such a foolish lady, and then he left home.

Thinking about something

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3 What happened to the wife?

The wife was completely shocked after hearing the conversation her husband had. With tears in her eyes, she got up from under the bed and decided to check what her husband wrote in the letter. You will surely get surprised when you get to know the reply of her husband. He wrote, “I could see your feet honey; I am going to buy bread.”

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4 Conclusion


Always trust and have faith on your partner; otherwise, it will ruin your relationship. If you have any problem with your spouse, talk to him/her openly to find a better solution. In this short story, it is the wife who needs to do so.

Talking to eachother

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