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10 Of The Creepiest Castles In The World You Would Dare To Visit

By Sankha Ghosh, 20 December 2017


Europe has always been known for a long, diverse and bloody history, which gives it the chance to attract people to several haunted locations. So many countries like Ireland, Scotland, and England have built their travel industry using these haunted histories.

So, if you have any plan to visit any of these countries, you may found out that many of these scary castles have been remodeled to build hotels or rent rooms to adventurous tourists. Actually, those who are a great fan of the supernatural world don’t hesitate to spend big bucks to enjoy a creepy night and gather a few haunted experiences. Basically, people love to be spooked and ghosts we all know are a quite brilliant to send a shiver up your spine!

What’s your thought? Do you really believe in ghosts? If you are not easily convinced, there are some scary castles around the world that may force you to alter your beliefs. Castles are a great place to meet spirits, as they are usually very old and are witnesses of many horrific events over the history of time.

10Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Built on the outskirts of Prague, the Houska Castle is known as one of the creepiest and mysterious places across Europe. There has been no evidence of any fortification for this castle, it didn’t even confronted any attacks or not known as a ruler’s helm. However, local legend says it conceals a huge hole which is believed to be the gateway to hell and from this mysterious hole deadly half-human and half-animal creatures used to come out at night. As the story goes, the locals trapped the demons inside by building this castle over the evil hole.

Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Image Source: venividi.ru

9Arundel Castle, England

This famous tourist spot is a remodeled medieval castle from Arundel in West Sussex built in the 11th century. There have been several stories of supernatural existence surrounding the castle but the many stories of the ghost of the first Earl of Arundel prevail the most. Tourists over the years have claimed to feel supernatural powers within this place. Other spirits of the Arundel castle are those of a young lady who jumped from the castle roof and a Blue Man who still haunts the castle library.

Arundel Castle, England

Image Source: www.arundelcastle.org

8Rocky Hill Castle, Alabama


Originally structured as a plantation house connecting Town Creek and Courtland, Alabama, the Rocky Hill Castle has so many ghost stories and terrifying folklore legends. The building was destroyed in the 1960s but before the demolition, it was haunted by the spirit of a Lady in Blue who often used roam around the castle at night with a light. Also, some people have claimed that they saw ghosts of Civil War soldiers the evil spirits of tortured slaves. Local stories even mentioned about some mysterious knocking and banging of unknown origin before the house was demolished.

Rocky Hill Castle, Alabama

Image Source: www.alabamapioneers.com


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