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New Study Says Newlyweds and Couples Who Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat Together

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 5 June 2018


6Personal care takes a backseat

It’s obvious that couples like to spend more time together, go out on dates or want to cuddle a little more in the morning, which may result in neglecting workouts and exercise. What’s more, priorities also change to a large extent as a person enters a relationship and personal care takes a backseat.


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7No pressure of remaining slim

After marriage, many couples are under no pressure to look slim as they think that they don’t need to attract or impress anyone. The man and the woman have nothing to worry as their partner will love them despite the changes that now come in their appearances. However, it is also noticed that the people who are in rocky relationships tend to focus on their weight in order to attract new mate.


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8Couples eat healthy but still gain weight


The research has revealed that the couples who are in a happy relationship focus on healthy food habits. They eat vegetables and fruits more and avoid alcohol and smoking. However, they still gain weight because they go on romantic dates, don’t miss their meals, cook together and try new dishes.


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9Parents eat the leftovers

One reason for the increase in weight of parents is that they also eat the leftovers of their kids as no one likes to waste food items. The kids of today are very much into snack and fast food items and when the parents have to eat the leftovers, it results weight-gain.


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10Sharing chores is also a major reason of weight gain

Undeniably, when individuals are single, they are responsible for doing all their chores without anyone’s help and hence it requires more physical movement. However, a couple has the advantage of sharing chores and as a result, their physical activity also reduces. What’s more, they spend time in the acts in which less movement is required like enjoying a movie in theatre or eat out, etc.


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