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16 Cold Illustrations That Describe The Sad Reality of The Existing Society

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 11 June 2018

Things change, and that’s just how it is. We can’t stop innovation and progress, but we can only embrace it. It’s foolish to think that technology goes forward on its own because that’s not the case. Technology goes forward because a selected group of people didn’t gave up on their dreams.

This is not only the case when it comes to internet technology, such as Facebook and Google. Every aspect of innovation goes forward because people sacrifice their lives for it. However, companies like Facebook, Google and Instagram have a bigger impact on our societies.

They’re powerful because they’re easy to use and bring some sort of value to billions of people. But on the other hand, they can easily use their power for manipulating the crowd. 

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the awful side effects that technology has on the existing society.

1The pothole theory

We’re all addicted to the internet, and there’s no other way to put this. It seems like the addiction got to a degree where some countries are considering new laws to issue tickets to people who don’t pay attention to where they’re going. The WiFi signal is indeed a pothole.

The pothole theory

Image Source: interesnoznat.com

2Emotions and social media

The value of emotions in society is on the rise thanks to social media. It’s super easy to praise someone or to simply write the most awful things that you can think of. The real problem is that we value virtual likes that basically don’t have a real meaning. You don’t even need a second to like someone’s post on social media, and there’s no limit either.

Emotions and social media

Image Source: viralnova.site

3The future of facial recognition

The real meaning of the facial recognition technology was a positive innovation that we all embraced. We all want to be notified if someone publishes a picture of us without our knowledge, especially if we don’t look good on that picture. But the involvement of facial recognition is not going to stop there, and the illustration above perfectly describes the future of it.

The future of facial recognition

Image Source: wroops.com

4The emotional future

This is how things worked back in the days. Your parents take care of you, and you later take care of your parents. But raising a child is no longer a priority for most people, and the respect we had for the elderly is slowly but surely fading away.

The emotional future

Image Source: pp.userapi.com

5Shame on them for looking?

No matter what side you take from this illustration, you are right. You can’t expect men not to scan women from the bottom to the top if they’re wearing provocative stuff. But on the other hand, men will find a way and a reason to for pervertedness no matter what the fashion is.

Shame on them for looking?

Image Source: timeallnews.ru

6Global warming is real

Global warming is real regardless of who you vote for on the last election. We must take care of the Earth for our own good. Mother Earth can survive without humans, but we can’t survive without her.

Global warming is real

Image Source: wroops.com

7An example of irony

We had no internet, no online gaming, no social media but we had the best childhood ever. There’s nothing like enjoying a day full of fun activities with your friends when you’re a kid. But these days, parents have to drag their kids out just to take them off technology for few hours.

An example of irony

Image Source: wroops.com

8The ultimate protection

It’s always wise to act respectfully towards the elderly. But that doesn’t mean we have to believe or agree with everything they have to say. Every generation is different and the only way to move forward is to create a balance between critical thinking and past teachings.

The ultimate protection

Image Source: i.redd.it

9The power of social media

It is so easy to judge someone when you’re sitting in front of a laptop. It’s easy to act smart or strong when you don’t have to face anyone in the real world. That’s how some people see Facebook and social media in general.

The power of social media

Image Source: wroops.com

10Too much to learn

Too much homework is becoming a sensitive topic. We all agree that kids need to learn and gain education starting from the young age. But do we really need to take away their childhood and replace it with even more responsibilities? Let’s not forget that kids need to have fun once in a while, and there is such thing as too much homework.

Too much to learn

Image Source: www.newsbeast.gr

11Life full of lies

You’re not eating healthy if there’s not a picture of your food on Insta. And you haven’t been to Barcelona if you don’t have a whole album on Facebook to prove it. That’s what life is turning into. It’s all about your social media profile, and that’s kind of sad.

Life full of lies

Image Source: www.losingmind.it

12The upper hand theory

You may have a boss, but your boss has a boss as well. The sad thing is that we all have to put up with the same nonsense. Except of course, the few chosen one who truly control the world. But is there someone controlling them as well?

The upper hand theory

Image Source: wroops.com

13It’s in their nature

Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have such a huge behind if people didn’t like it. Or to be specific if men didn’t like it. We’re not sure why, but most men are so attracted to bottoms. The only reasonable explanation is nature.

It’s in their nature

Image Source: zabaka.ru

14The harsh reality

The illustration above is as extreme as it gets. But just think about, how can you make 50k per year while the CEO makes 10 million per year? Is he or she that much better than us? Or are we all living in an extremely twisted and far from fair reality?

The harsh reality

Image Source: i0.wp.com

15The IKEA help

It’s all about guilt these days and it’s sad. People help each other out of guilt these days and that’s not true help. We’re all living in an extremely competitive society and that’s just how things are. But helping someone out of your heart is only going to make a better person.

The IKEA help

Image Source: scontent-atl3-1.cdninstagram.com

16The YouTube showing off trend

You’ve probably seen one of those videos where a famous YouTube vlogger gives $100 to a homeless guy while filming the whole thing. The video gets millions of views and the YouTube creator makes thousands of dollars. We don’t want to judge here…but this doesn’t sound right at all.

The YouTube showing off trend

Image Source: wroops.com